In a patient’s room somewhere in a far-off medical facility…

“…and he’s been sedated for more than a week now. Most of his skin grafts and wounds have already healed enough for his bandages to be removed. Beyond that, we only know this John Doe as the last patient accepted into the clinic while the good Doctor was still alive.”

”Yet, there are staff members who mentioned that he came in a day after Doctor Mendez passed away."

”I’m sorry but whoever those are, they are mistaken. I was the one assigned to this case personally by our Head Doctor himself. I took the call the night before the supposed kidnapping and murder of my employer.”

”Alright Doc. Just warning you that you may be held in contempt if your story doesn’t match the records we find.”

”You can check all our records and you will see that everything is as I say. Are we done?”

”Yes we are and thanks again. And if I ask an affidavit from you about your statement?”

”I will willingly give it. Please, this way, Officer… what was
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