Chapter 2556 Finally Understood What The Other Party Meant

Luca arrived at Mr. Whitlock's office and knocked on the door.

"Come in." Mr. Whitlock's voice came from inside.

Luca opened the door and looked at the office. She noticed that Mr. Whitlock's secretary was reporting on some work, so she stood at the door to wait for them to finish their conversation before she entered.

After the secretary was done, she turned around and left the office.

Mr. Whitlock greeted Luca, "Come in, Dr. Craw. Take a seat."

Luca nodded slightly and walked in without closing the door. She sat directly opposite him.

Mr. Whitlock glanced at the open door, then withdrew his gaze. Her action was like a warning to him.

The door was open, so he had to be careful with what he said.

Mr. Whitlock had been working in corporate for so long that he would not be threatened by Luca's actions. He stood up and closed the door.

Luca leaned back in the chair and watched Mr. Whitlock sit back in the chair indifferently.

"Dr. Craw, the final price of your project has been s
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