27: All over again

Now, more than ever, Isabelle needed to talk to Emily. 

Her hand reached for her breast pocket, ascertaining the presence of the paper Mr. Franklin had given her. 

She would've gone in search of Emily, wherever she may be, but extracurricular activities had already begun, and she was already late. 

The drizzle had ceased, permitting the use of the various sections for sport activities. 

Though the pitch was wet, the soccer team were more than determined to continue with training, since the interschool football tournament was commencing in a few weeks' time. 

The boys had been paired in two's and were making quick passes to each other.

Isabelle spotted Bankole and quickly looked away, before he could meet her gaze.

A group of boys, wearing uniform red tracksuits, making slow rounds on the track were headed her way, so she had to stepp to

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