The cursed
The cursed
Author: Lonebirdie

The alpha -The killer

The silhouette stopped near a river and a white wolf emerged looking around surveying its surroundings. The unusual large wolf was a she-wolf, with a tattoo of fire under her paw. Everyone in her pack complemented her on her flawless white fur, it was the rarest appearance ever seen on the planet. Her sharp eyes scrutinizing the area depicted her overflowing presence making the small creatures run in fear.

The wolf shifted to her human form showing her delicate body features. Even if she wanted to hurry to the pack, her bath came first. She threw herself in the water making it splashing everywhere. Hugging herself, she held her breath remembering bad memories. Ones she swore to never forget. Out of breath, her head came out shaking getting rid of the excessive water. With her hand, she brushed the blond strip of hair that clouded her aquamarine eyes. She moved to the side enjoying the chill of water and looked at the sky.

“At last, I will see who killed them,” she smiled broadly showing her teeth, “after that, I will search for the one for me.

Everyone in the pack admired her. Whatever she wore, she would always steal their gazes. It was as if she enchanted them to follow every movement she made. However, even though she made all their hearts flutter, she waited for her mate. Even at the age of twenty-five, she still did not have one. She was unable to find her love and happiness. The female in the pack gossiped about her, being unable to find him. Nevertheless, her strength proved she needed no one to protect her.

She got up and headed towards a pile of clothes that was left aside. Werewolves had to strip naked to not tear their clothes apart. After dressing up, she picked a bracelet gently and stared at it remembering her mother’s smile, it made her what she was today. A name was written in it; Elis. The prophecy that appeared at her first shift declared she would be the savior of many but whose, no one knew .

True to the prophecy , she grew into a fearless beauty . But that incidnt changed the lovely little soul to the emotionless devil . As the fire of revenge slowly engulf the soul of little girl burning into ashes of the powerful beta of half moon pack .

Ten years . It took her ten years of hardwork to reach here ,at the pinnacle of glory . To gain the power to catch them ' The bloody rogues .' 

Elis pov 

Standing in front of the dungeon . I felt the trembling of my heart .

Years passed as the sand slipping through my hand . 

And today came the day , I waited for since 10 years .

Entering inside, the dark walls calmed my beating heart as the howls of pain relieved the ache.  The horrible site pleased my eyes  as the peirceing silver needles coloured the dark walls into deep red .

Unknowingly groan of satisfaction left my lips as the tormentors of  little wolfies ,stilled .Made a bow and left . 

Silence prevailed in the dungeon as the five Wolf's laid on the stony floor , groaning in pain. 

Yes , silver - the poison for we werewolf’s . I could hear them crying in the pain , making Pearl , growl in satisfaction . I could feel  her  happiness from the instant energy I felt . 

Pearl is source of my energy . My wolf is something different from all the other wolves . The wolves inside us , are known for their anger , their power , their stubborn nature .

But she is different , different from all  . She is the more good among both of us . Making me love her more. 

I took a step forward , and all the bloody bastards shivered instantly listening the foot steps approaching . And I  loved the reaction I got . The fear in their eyes made me feel satisfied . 

“One question and its answer and u all will be free .” I said with a blank face and in the most harsh voice , didn’t wanting to bit around the bush .

And I could see them go still , fear and tears were the only thing I saw in their eyes . They indeed were pathetic wolves , who got scarred within such a less time .

“U attacked these same half moon pack years back . Who asked u too ?? “ As soon as I complete my words , I could see their eyes widening and them gulping the lump of fear in the throat . 

Now I m sure , they would have known the reason to be here . 

“Answer .” I ordered making them shiver but none open a mouth . Well they didn’t knew whom they are messing with . 

I took the sword and the next moment the bloody splattered everywhere . And the wolf in front of me die , the next second . Making everyone in the shell shocked to the core . Well they all deserve this ..

“Now .” I growled 

The alpha of blue moon pack , one replied . And that’s it , the heads of other five wolfs were cutted on the floor . 

“U deserved the death , u bastards .” I smirked and told seeing the gammas of my pack , who smirked back looking at the scene .

“Wait for ur destruction , alpha” .. I murmured with sinister smile  and full hatred in my heart .

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goodnovel comment avatar
Silly that a compound which was fully protected allowed someone to enter and destroy the villa. It just does not flow.
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Janielle Aldin
the grammer is so horrible its hard to read. smh it sounded like it had a good plot too.

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