The cursed

The cursed

By:  Lonebirdie  Ongoing
Language: English
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The mates were destined by moon goddess . But what if the same moon goddess curse their pair . Cursed to be mate of some one , she hated even before knowing him . " The alpha of blue moon pack " . The killer of her parents . But what will happen when he would come to know . She being his mate and would want her to be his , at any cost . By hook or crook . Would she be able to resist the mate bond or would she revenge her parents death .By revenging her own mate.

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49 Chapters
The alpha -The killer
The silhouette stopped near a river and a white wolf emerged looking around surveying its surroundings. The unusual large wolf was a she-wolf, with a tattoo of fire under her paw. Everyone in her pack complemented her on her flawless white fur, it was the rarest appearance ever seen on the planet. Her sharp eyes scrutinizing the area depicted her overflowing presence making the small creatures run in fear. The wolf shifted to her human form showing her delicate body features. Even if she wanted to hurry to the pack, her bath came first. She threw herself in the water making it splashing everywhere. Hugging herself, she held her breath remembering bad memories. Ones she swore to never forget. Out of breath, her head came out shaking getting rid of the excessive water. With her hand, she brushed the blond strip of hair that clouded her aquamarine eyes. She moved to the side enjoying the chill of water and looked at the sky. “At last, I will see who killed them,” she sm
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The cursed alpha
The scene shifts too the dark black and red wolf fighting against some ten rogue wolfs . Even being surrounded by the ten rouges , the strong aura of him was still reflecting . No fear , but the fire was seen in the eyes of  , extremely huge  wolf . Who looks like the alpha , among all. We could see , some other werewolves standing on the side but none tried to intervene the fight of them . They just were looking at the scene in front . After it stood up , it felt to be extremely huge like never seen before .The wolf happens to be around ten feet and the dark black eyes and scar at the eye brow . And a single white particular patch , on the completely black  head of his . Appear something like a pearl , making look like a crown of his . His demeanor reflected the power held . His anger filled growl was suddenly heard . Causing the
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Leave the pack
 Elis pov After killing the bastards I felt relief rush through my veins . Finally after years of struggle , I got what I needed but still my motive is not yet fulfilled .I got startled feeling hand on my shoulder and look back to see Dian , the gamma of our pack . And the only family I m left with . He isn’t blood related but we are connected through hearts . The best buddy of mine . Only one who knows everything about me.  I smiled seeing him worried .  “ I am okk Dian.” I said blinking my eyes , to not let the emotions of mine ,fall from them . He grabbed my shoulder with fury in his black eyes ,“Do you think I m fool or I don’t know anything . U can cry Elis . U can burst out every emotion at least now . Pls cry Elis. Ten years , its ten years from the accident but yet you didn’t cried . U didn’t mourn
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Would u be luna ???...
Marcus pov I ran through the forest to calm down my rage which was growing every second . I m thirty year old and I know I cant wait more for my mate . I tried to find her in every hook and crook of the world . But I think moon goddess didn’t want me to find one . As I share same faith like of other alphas of the pack .The damn thought of giving position of mine mate someone else is pricking my heart and making me more frustrated and irritated .I return back at the pack and called beta of the pack ‘Sean’ . Sean was the one I found injured before two years . He carries the alpha aura with him but the lack of his memory isnt helping much . I tried to find about him , but I didnt got the results .As we brought him here , Julie the healer of pack . Turned to be his mate .. So , I turned him to beta of our pack as the previous beta  Blacke   was murdered by me , on the same day in my rage  . I even myself don&rsqu
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Marking ...
Marcus 's blood boiled hearing no from a mere she wolf .  He never took No as answer . Nor now he would .Marcus pov  Cant she just uderstand why I m asking her ?and how dare she tried to say no to me ? Marcus  thought , his fist were already clenched and eyes were realeasing fire ."See , Rose u should see the pros of being luna . Anyway u r dealing with ur mates dismiss. By this atleast , you would get mate and pack would get luna . Try to think about this . " I asked her calmly but inside I know , I would never take no as anwer to my proposal. "So , u would mate me .  It means you would love me too , right ? " Her eyes held question but I dont know why I saw hope and some unknown spark in her eyes too .May be she want some one to love her to as I want .I didn’t knew what to answer her . When all I just knew was ,I gave my heart years before to my mate and I am unable to give it to anyone els
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Luna's mystery murder
Elis pov “What  ?? “ Listening my voice . Everyone stood up with worry printed on the face.“ Its my pack and I would never leave the one . “ I said making my point crystal clear to the Alpha and everyone present  there  “ Oh and you are ready to kill everyone in the pack . “ Alpha told with loud voice and clenched fist . Accusation was clearly visible in the every eye present in the office. His voice was loaded with sarcasm .I was shocked listening the accusation from my own alpha. Don’t he know how much I have suffer . I had suffered a lot and he was the spectator of my every fight .How one day , one moment changed a mere 15 year old girl , to the ruthless beta . He know it all . Then why ..why he is doing this ? Didn’t he promised to help me ? Didn’t he and luna promised to support me always ? Be my family ??“What if he would have been responsible fo
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Dian and Julie
Elis pov Alpha was still in deep thought listening me . I knew now he would agree for war and that’s what I wanted ‘ a war .’ A war to kill the bastard . But what he said made me stilled . I never oncee thought he would say that . “ Okk .. but still we are not attacking blue moon pack . They are stronger than us and I cant risk whole packs life . “ Alpha said in hoarse voice which told us , how much it pained to say him that .But he is acting all coward suddenly , why .Listening Alpha’s words every one in the office growl .Every wolfs eyes were turned red . I could see and feel how every heart was beating fast . All had the bubbling anger which was ready to burn whole world.  . “ We would have a war , Alpha “  Watson , the younger brother of Alpha spoke almost shouting contradicting Alpha’s command for the first time  “ I
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Female Alpha
Third person pov Alpha looked at the girl in front of him with amazement . He knew her from many days from when she was born . She was daughter of his beta . She reflects the aura , aura of purity . The only thing which changed her demeanor after her parents death .Everyone knows she is living for revenge . But she is even the virtue , the power of pack .She is not just but also filled with bravery . He couldn’t help but look at her in worry . Challenging beta of the full moon pack that to by the female beta would spread like forest fire . Even before the challenge acceptance . Every pack member knows the power of Elis no doubt . But sending her there would always be called as lions trap and he didn’t want that . Seeing her coming towards him , he changed the facial expression immediately . He mind linked Dian to go out of the office with Julie causing him to instantly came out of their passionate movement and l
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The challenge
Two days passed in blur . Rose was declared to be luna of the 'Blue moon back . ' She started dreaming the happily ever after . Marcus , whom she hated for her mates death suddenlg started charming her .  The way his eyes turns red or how his veins pops out every time his fist is clenched . How his eyes speaks thousands of unrecognizable words . Making her drown in serene ocean. Her cheeks started turning red when someone stated how she started smelling like him . Even though they arent mated but they surely had a hot makeouts in the close doors of his room . Rose loved his passion and aggression . Never she liked the tender touches as much she liked be the one burning in passion .Now again she felt contented with life after loosing her mate .May be she even started loving Marcus .Marcus saw the change in Rose and was satisfied . Even though inside he was boiling im rage seeing her , but the need of heir cooled him down every in
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The curse , again
All the three rushed out to see who was there , at this point . But they found none there .  Dian asked to go back , but Elis felt someone presence and scent still lingering in the air . " Someone , is surely here . I can sniff him . His scent tells he isnt one belonging from our pack ." Elis said sniffing in the air and immediately link with pack members to look into the matter . She looked at Alpha but he just smirked , causing a frown formed on her face along with Dian's . " What  is the matter , Alpha ?" Eliss enquired all confused  and something click her mind , making her widen her eyes . " Do you mean someone from Blue Moon Pack came here , to get information about us . " Eliss tried to put one and one together .But even then Alpha continued to be mute , his eyes were happen to be focussed on the trees outside . " But why someone from them would come here ?Hope our people catc
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