XX: Problem?

As fuzzy and as dampened I felt, as much unsettled my heart was and as crazy as it sounds, the drive felt like a quick fix; it was exhilarating. I could only feel the wind against my face and it was as if it was wiping my tears away. I wrapped my arms around Kai's torso, as if I let go, I would lose my tomorrow.

He pushed on, as if running away from my problems, and raced up down the empty road in the quiet neighborhood leaving everything behind. It wasn't long til the vast ranges of fields passed by and we made our way near the other side of town.

"Put your hands up!" Kai shouted.


"It's safe I promise."

"You must be crazy!"

He laughed loudly, "You're crazy for not trying!"

Ah... that made absolute no sense.

The wind was breaking against the helmet around me. My arms around Kai felt cold against the strong wind.

Kai urged me again and again, "put your hands up! I promise it'll be alright.

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