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"What were the one inside this novel?" A question and thought after reading a love story that never ends.

In a chain story, the novel started with a beautiful girl named Leah, yet, girl spoiled with love from her brother [Lewis.] and her friends [Gu, Ji, Georgia, Nami and the rest of her friends.] Now, however, she found something that will change her life, forever. A book or so a novel about romance...

But what happened is this...

Leah who read the book was chained by because she wished for something.

And the characters in the novel appeared in her time.

To escape the fiction in her life she must do something. However, it will cost her life.


Hello, everyone!

My name is D and I would like to share this novel of mine. I didn't know if you will like this but I am hoping you will leave a review after you read this. Thank you! 

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very interesting ??

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