13th November 1873

Alpha wrote letters to Hugo regularly, though he knew that he not living nor dead anymore, but he still wanted him to know what he was going through, where Hugo would impatiently wait for it, for the only day that was given to him fortnightly, just to kill him again, to make him endure the pain, even more, he would wait for Alpha's response eagerly, where he was fine with the death that comes after it. 

Alpha found Edward soon, who had become a co-merchant in that time, and was working hard to earn a living.

He befriended him soon, taking him into confidence in some years, where he lived with Edward Sargon like a shadow of his, staying by his side constantly, keeping him from any sort of mishaps.

It was too soon that he bore a son John Edward, and to his dismay, his wife died during the parturition.

This was a terrible phase of Edward's life, where he denied remarrying, hence putting an end to the lineage of his.

He was slowly denying
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