To Protect the Crown

To Protect the Crown

By:  Dee Gleem  Completed
Language: English
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For years, the royal family has had the ultimate backup plan. With each generation, they hide one of the royal heirs. In case the worst happens, there will still be royals to step forward and take the throne. For this generation, Dee is the selected heir to be hidden. To the public, she is known as the cold and strict CEO of the security company hired to protect the royal family. However, to the royals, she is known as Princess Deloris. The recent attack on the King has Dee and her staff combing through various leads trying to find the people behind it along with the ultimate mastermind. However along her search, she runs into a reporter that she can't seem to forget. It isn't what the reporter has done, but something else. Will the royals finally have to use the ultimate backup plan? Or will Dee be able to stop the mastermind in time? What happens when Dee can't seem to break her destiny with one particular reporter? Can she protect the royal family and still let her heart be captured by those alluring hazel blue eyes?

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This is my second time reading and I loved it even more. Highly recommend. Worth every minute and gem awarded.
2023-08-31 15:17:16
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Good and interesting story. The development of the storyline keeps you guessing who’s the traitor.
2023-07-03 09:21:42
75 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Dee
BAM!The training room door bursts open and my assistant, Becky, rushes into the room.  “Prin…”As I coil my arm back, I stop in mid-air and growl, “Don’t you dare finish that word.  You know that I don’t like being called that by that name.”  I tear my eyes off the punching bag and slowly look over my shoulder at her, as she instantly stops in the middle of the room. I don’t know how many times that I’ve told her to not use my title.  However, she always seems to forget. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to let her go. This is exactly why I never tell any of my staff my true title and never let my parents pick my assistants.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a choice this time. I’m still not sure of the exact reason why my last assistant left.  All I know is that I left for a business trip and when I get back, my fath
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Chapter 2 - Dee
I glance up from my laptop and across my desk at Max, who is standing and watching my every move.  “Is this all of it?  I’m seeing hints of stuff but I’m not seeing anything that I could put my finger on and say that this is the smoking gun.  I can’t up security for the royal family based on this.”Max sighs and runs his hand through his hair as he slightly shifts back and forth.  “Yeah.  That is all that we could come up with.  The initial source seems sure about it, but we can’t pull up any more information than that.”I lift my head and raise an eyebrow.  “Source?  You didn’t investigate this because of some increased talk on the web or our other normal channels.”Max sighs again and leans forward putting his hands on the edge of my desk while frustration and worry swirl in his eyes.  “No.  This time the intel was an anonymous tip which we
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Chapter 3 - Dee
I march toward Max’s office.BAM!I slam the door open and glare daggers at Max as he sits behind his desk.  He raises his eyebrows and goes to open his mouth, but I cut him off.  “I thought the intel was good!!  I just got a call from our guys that someone just tried to assault the king at one of his stops today!  How is that even possible?”Steam rolls off me as I march into Max’s office and slam the door shut.BAM!The sound echoes through his office and the walls vibrate.  I usually frown on behavior like this, but I don’t care right now.  The only thing that keeps running through my mind is that someone just attacked my family. I don’t know how it is even possible.  I made the final changes last night and handed them out this morning.  There is no way that my new directions could have been leaked.  My staff is trustworthy.  Well, I’m hoping
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Chapter 4 - Dee
It has been a such a long day.  I nearly broke down when I saw my father on the hospital bed inside the royal family’s private hospital.  Only a select few know about the hospital and are able to get in. I bite my lip to keep my mind from focusing on my father and all the machines around him.  Yes, my father is stable, but that doesn’t mean that he looks good.  He does have a gunshot wound to his stomach and the doctor has been able to stop all the bleeding, but he isn’t out of trouble yet. As soon as my eyes meet Princess Katherine’s glare, I know that I can’t break down.  I have to keep my professional face on and look like another employee. However, I have to bite my tongue and hold myself back from giving her a good tongue lashing.  The longer that she is with the royal family, the more she forgets that we are all people too.  The arrogance and mightier than thou attitude is t
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Chapter 5 - Shane
BAM!I slam my glass down, as I glare across the table at Chris.  My blood boils at the smirk that he proudly sports on his face. I immediately fight the urge to jump across the table and not only wipe that smirk off his face, but to punch him repeatedly until he realizes that this isn’t a game. Of all the crazy things that he has done, this is the craziest.  Unfortunately, I’m right there next to him when it all happened.  If I didn’t think quick and pull him away, he would have done something really stupid.  However, right now, I kind of wish that I would have left him there alone with his other goons and let the royal security take care of him. While I grit my teeth, I lean forward and hiss, “What the hell was that all about yesterday?  You aren’t the kind of person to do something like this.”My blood boils as Chris’s smirk grows even bigger.  He leans bac
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Chapter 6 - Dee
I glance at my watch and then look around the conference room table at my top agents.  I still have more time before my uncle Charles shows up.  However, I want to get started and hopefully find something new before he arrives.Fortunately for myself, I threw all the frustrations and anger along with my worries at my punching bag this morning.  My arms might be a little sore but I’m able to calmly walk into the office and sit here right now. Right now, I’m hoping that my people have been able to find something regarding the attack yesterday.  Plus, I want to be able to give my uncle something when he gets here. I turn my attention to Max, who is sitting next to me.  “Max, what have you been able find out?  Do we have a leak somewhere within our organization?”As my last question sinks into everyone’s mind, many around the table tense up and begin looking at each other.  I’m
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Chapter 7 - Dee
I close my eyes and lean my head back onto the chair, as I sigh.   What a day.  However, it isn’t over yet, but it feels like this day has gone on for more than a week or maybe even a month. I lightly tap my fingers against the chair’s armrest and mentally thank Uncle Charles for not sitting in my office while he is here.  I’m sure that he remembers that we don’t work well together.  Thus, that is the reason why for his early retirement and for him leaving me in charge of the company. You could say that it was like walking on eggshells back then, but that isn’t even close.  The honest turth is that it was like navigating through a field of land mines.  You never know when you will accidentally step on one and everything around you explodes. However, right now, I’m stressed and so is Uncle Charles.  I’m sure that it won’t take much more for Uncle Char
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Chapter 8 - Shane
As my fingers hover over my keyboard, I glance to my notepad next to me and scan my notes from my interview with the city’s mayor.  I want to make sure that I include all the important parts of our discussion. After the incident with the King the other day, I want to distance myself from the royals and the chaos following the attack.  However, I can’t seem to keep my mind off of it.  It doesn’t help that my idiot friend, Chris, has gotten me involved in it too. Technically, I happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, but I’m not going to let my friend end up in the custody of the royal guards either.  Okay.  So, that day isn’t my best day.  If I had been thinking properly, I would have left the area and let Chris fend for himself. Why of all days do I pick that particular day to act like a good friend?  Yes.  I consider Chris one of my good friends, but would I reall
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Chapter 9 - Dee
As I look at my father again, I choke down the lump in my throat, while I blink back the tears fighting to escape.  Even though I want to sit and hold his hand, I need to do my job first.  Being a good daughter unfortunately needs to come second.  Right now, my job is top priority.I have to talk to the Queen and find out exactly what was happening the day of the attack. I turn my teary eyes back to my mother and motion towards the couch along the side of the room.  “Let’s sit.  I need to talk to you.  But first, how are you holding up?”My mother’s shaggy hair and worn face tell me everything, regardless of what she says. A small smile appears on her face as she sighs.  She walks to the couch and sits down, while patting the spot next to her.  “I’m getting through it.  However, I wish your father would wake up.  Each minute that passes by with no sign of him
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Chapter 10 - Shane
I stare at my phone for the umpteenth time, while the same question swirls around in my mind.  How can I contact Chris to let him know that he could be in danger?  Chris should already know how much danger he is in, but I still feel the need to warn him. A dull headache begins to throb in the back of my head. I grab the remote control off the cough next to me and turn the TV on.  However, I can’t focus on anything that is coming out of it.  My mind is still off thinking about Chris. My mind suddenly snaps back to the TV when the word ‘King’ rings through my ears.  I sit up and stare at the TV anxiously waiting to hear more. I have been a reporter long enough to know that when there isn’t any news coming out of the palace about the King or Queen, then there is something wrong.  Even when there is no news, the palace always provides the upcoming events that the King and Queen will
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