When two world's collide

Ten years later

Yennifer pov

I sighed as I begun packing my things to transfer to another city again. After my dad got attacked by wolves, we left for good from our town called Ragnarok.

This is my fifth time of transferring to another school also. I got used to it, to have no permanent address.

Today we're going to travel in the town called Newark. It's a little city in New Jersey and we'll be living there for now. 

" Yennifer, hurry up we're leaving now!" Mom called me from the main door. I'm almost done. I took my bag with me. I glanced for the last time to my long time bedroom, I will miss this place.

" Coming mom!" I replied.

I saw mom and dad waiting for me outside. Dad at his old age, looks so cool in his comoufladge jacket and his cowboy hat. Mom was always a humble and pretty woman I knew even there's a little wrinkles on her forehead.

" Let's go!" I said and they both smiled.

We came to the train station and we're very lucky that we made it on time before its last trip.

I had no idea what's ahead for us there.

I was sitting near the window and I saw the clear blue sky slowly covered by dark clouds. I think a heavy rain is coming.

I sighed.

We've been traveling for almost three hours but it seems like it's forever. I turned around to checked mom and dad. They're both sleeping. I think they're tired preparing our things to our new home.

I closed my eyes to rest for a bit. It's a long journey for us and we don't even know what kind of people awaits us. I fingers crossed that they're not as bad like those people in Ragnarok. They said I'm like a plague who came from nowhere and some said I'm not my parent's daughter. Sometimes I asked myself, should I believed them or my parents?

My mind was flooded with many thoughts when the train suddenly stop to another station. I heard dad's voice behind me.

"Yennifer, where here!" He said. I quickly got up from my seat and took my bag with me.

I stepped down first and and helped mom with her bag. I roamed my eyes to my surroundings and it's more  civilized than Ragnarok. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. The air wasn't as fresh as our old town. Huge buildings were built in every side of the road.

We took a taxi and my dad gave our address to the driver.

We travelled for only thirty minutes. I almost fall asleep during the trip because I couldn't hold my drowsiness anymore.

Newark, New Jersey

My eyes suddenly opened when I heard a loud bang, until the taxi driver went outside. I peep through the car window and there was a commotion outside. I think taxi driver was in big trouble.

" You hit me first!" I saw a young man, I think same my age, he's the one who talked to the driver.

" I'm in the right lane! You didn't see me!" The driver defend himself.

My eyebrows crossed when a young man continued arguing to the driver. We didn't have a good sleep from our trip and we all want to take a rest. We're also in a hurry but this man didn't want to stop. I quickly stepped outside to talk with him myself. I walked towards him with my hands in my waist.

" Mr, will you please settled this now! You know we came from a very long trip and my parents need to rest too!"  I said.

I didn't care if he's one of the cutest and hot male on this town but honestly he was!

I'm too small for his height, he's tall, dark and handsome like any typical guy but there was something in his eyes, so mysterious and deep.

He turned around but I stayed in my position. I saw him smirked on me. What an asshole! I said to myself.

My cheeks puff like a cherry. It's obvious that his cool and hot side had effects on me but not today.

" I see, okay I'll let this careless driver go but give me your number first" he said arrogantly.

" Yennifer, come inside now. Let him handle it!" I heard dad Victor called my name. I quietly smiled to my father. " Almost done father !" I said.

I just gave my number to him but I'm not a foolish girl like his girls if I know.

I place my palm upward to get a pen and a piece of paper from him. " Okay no problem, your pen and paper please" I told him with my pouty lips.

" Wait", he took what I needed and gave it to me. I quickly put my fake number and left him alone. The taxi driver walked back ahead of me.


It's a long trip and day for me and my family. Plus the haughty guy I met in a traffic accident. I never imagined that our first stay here would be awful. I'm busy unpacking my things in my new bedroom while listening to my favorite band Paramore.

I suddenly draw a smile on my face when I saw the guy's face after I gave my fake number to him. I fooled him. I laughed at myself but I stop when my mom Marie came inside my room. "Dear, what happened there to the guy you talked?" She asked me. I saw in my mother's eyes her concern for me. "Nothing to worry about mom. Come on, let's have dinner!" I said and I escorted my mom I'm the kitchen. I saw dad who was busy cooking on his new recipe called "stake octopus". He felt our presence and he turned around. He wash his hands and wipe it to his apron. Who had a dad who could cook any recipes alone?

" Good, you're both here! I'm already done. Let's now eat together!" He told us and we both helped him prepared the table.

We happily ate and then we sleep early.  The mother moon seemed lonely tonight. I didn't know what's inside me but sometimes I heard voices in my head. I didn't know if I'm just dreaming. Those voices wasn't the loud voice of people but it's a howling sounds of a wild animals. Sometimes I heard the wolves howling.

They're like a hum to my head.

It keeps singing in my head like a pirated CDs and I couldn't sleep well. Sometimes I'm thinking what are those voices and what does it have to do with me? I wanted to asked my parents about this but I'm afraid to know their answers. Sometimes I felt worried about them, they seemed like hiding to someone. We always crossed from seas to seas, mountains to mountains and now we're in the land. I didn't understand why we keep transferring from one place to another.

I got up from my bed when heard a howling sound at the back of my head. I'm curious where the noise came from. I slowly stepped out from my room. I put my jacket and my slippers on. Before I went outside, I checked my parents room and I heard my dad's snoring sound. I smiled a bit. I guess they're very tired after a long trip.

I quietly dragged my feet outside the door.

I looked around to see if the sound was from something else but the scenery outside seemed peaceful. It's my first time to stay in the city and my eyes sparkled to see the city lights and busy cars.

I sighed. " There's nothing outside!" I mumbled. I decided to go back inside when I heard a growling sound behind me. My heart pounded so fast and my legs were locked.

I closed my eyes and took all the courage I had left in myself and turned to face this wild beast behind me. When I finally turned to face him, I saw a grey wolf in front of me. I wanted to scream and called someone's help but I didn't when I saw him sat on the ground. 

He tried to communicate with me. I looked in his eyes, it's red in color and there was blood on his right legs. I think he's hurt. I carefully walked towards him but everytime I moved my feet, he growled. " Don't be scared. I'll help you!" I told him. He do a hissing sound and he let me touched his fur who was covered with bloods. 

" Are you hurt?" I asked him. He just did a hissing sound again. I caressed his grey fur, his eyes looked so weak and agony. I could tell he was attacked by an another pack of wolves. I saw the same when I was a child and before we left from our old place. I knew dad was been attacked by wolves but it's a black type of wolves. I could still remembered the time when he went home with his crippled legs and wounded arms. 

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