Hearing a loud propeller was not the best alarm clock, really. That black hawk needs to come here later than usual. It's ruining my sleep considering I only slept for two hours maximum. If only I could just suggest to nuke the entire facility in Brazil. Fucking Brazil.

Mr. Smith, the butler didn't have to put some effort to wake me up since my sleep was already disturbed by the loud roar. I know the military has the biggest budget but can they atleast turned off the engine like what the fuck? I checked the time and also what the fuck. It's past eight. 

"Mr. Smith, if you'd be so kind, would you mind asking the pilot to shut the engine?" 

"They said they are in tight schedule, sir." He countered.

"Well, I'm not." 

I forced myself to the bathroom. I can't leave the house untidy. That's disgusting. My mood instantly changed when I can no longer hear the tormenting sound of the chopper. Black fucking hawk. I called for a staff to carry my things but the two stiff uniform men carried them quickly. What's with the rush?

I went to the back porch again with Mr. Smith beside me. Concern is all over his face. I patted his back for assurance. I already made sure I will make it back alive.

"Don't worry, Mr. Smith. Good people die early. You know I'm not one of them." I chirped.

"Certainly, sir." The damn old man agreed.

"When I get back we'll talk about your retirement." I said coldly.

"What do we say to the God of death, sir?" He asked in amusement.

"Seriously? Not fucking today." I answered.

"The profanity was not really necessary." Here we go.

The two G.I joes approached me because we're good to go. I waved at the house staff and walked lazily to the black fucking hawk. I glared at the pilot. He ruined my sleep. We wore our headphones.

"Super 61 has prince Caspian. Ready for transport, over and out." I heard the pilot talked.

Prince Caspian. Really? I rolled my eyes at them. They all ignored me like they were trained to do that. They clearly have a better posture than my ancestors.

In a matter of minutes, I can clearly see the group of ships. We are going to land on an aircraft carrier. Nice. This is not my first time coming here but the size and capabilities of this ship clearly rocks.

"Super 61, you are clear to land." I heard over the radio.

We didn't get too much attention because there's been an on going military excercises happening on the ship. I don't know about it but there are soldiers running around. Shouting, dragging some ropes and some obnoxious upper class men ordering cadets.

I was greeted at the deck by the captain of the ship. What a privilege. Some men carried my belongings for me.

"How was your flight, Mr. Alderige? I'm very sorry about the schedule but we need to be on nearest nautical miles to Brazil by the next day." The captain explained.

"It was good. No worries, captain. We all want this to be over with." 

We went inside the ship and rode to the elevator. I don't know what it's called. It can literally carry a whole damn plane. We immediately went to the bridge for briefing.

"We have orders to let you decide for your own military escorts, sir. We'll have them on the assembly area."

After the very formal breifing, atleast that's what I call it. I was told that someone will guide me to my cabin if we are finished with business. The captain ofcourse guided me to the assembly area where only few people can fit in.

There were ten people inside properly seated but not entirely stiff but still very poise. I scan around to see what fits my requirements.

"These are our best men in the field, Mr. Alderige." The captain filled in. I nodded in satisfaction.

"I only need four people, captain." 

"I'm sorry, sir? Four?" Surprisingly, everyone seems to be shocked.

"Yes. More than that will attract a slightest suspicion."

The captain nodded. Again, I spread my visions to the entire room. I don't need very masculine colleagues. That's so obvious. I pointed a young but justifiable man from the left corner. He is wearing an eyeglasses. Everyone snorted but the captain hushed it before it grows. He motioned the young man to step forward. 

I pointed a guy who is in his mid thirties. He doesn't look like he belongs in the army if you dress him differently. I picked another two and we're clear. The first one who is the youngest clearly never been to the real world. He looks utterly nervous. Which is good.

"If may I suggest, sir. We have more experienced men in the battlefield that we can recommend." The captain pleaded.

"How many of you did not experience firsthand combat?" I asked the four of them. Only the young man raised his hand. Nice.

"Then we're settled. Follow me. Captain, if you may?" 

The captain brought us to the logistics. Maps and places were plastered around. There are personnel from Ivy League schools around and analyst.

"This young man will pretend to be my assistant." I pointed the eyeglass nervous boy. 

"The three of you will be my colleagues from Oxford. You guys wanted to have a vacation and I so happen to have a trip to Brazil, I offered." I told them.

"No guns. Bring what's necessary. Communications, trackers, whatever they are. Just no guns. I have a contact in the country to provide them."

They all nodded in agreement. They have no choice. This is my mission. We're leaving in two days. I already made an arrangements on our arrival.

"I'm guessing you already know your main purpose there, Mr. Alderige?" 

"Sure do, captain." 

After the acquaintance party with my freshmen students, a cadet led me to my cabin in this ship. Not that I'm complaining but it's too small for my liking. The captain asked me if I'm comfortable with it and I surely lied that I am. No VIP this time. Can't make that impression. 

The next day is the most tiring day. I need to normalize their behavior like a normal tourist visiting Brazil not the stiff and mean looking military homo. My assigned assistant does not need any training at all, raise an eyebrow at him and he will piss himself. Why is he even in the army? The three soldier boys seems a bit nervous but guess what, they don't have a choice. Me neither.

"I'm Just wondering, sir. Why did you pick us? I mean it's not like we're complaining but there seems to be more skilled than us." The ripped nerd looking guy asked who happens to be my assistant for the next twenty days.

"Well, I don't have much of a choice, no offense, by the way. I can't bring The Rock and Vin Diesel to this mission. They'll surely get too much of attention by the time we step out of the plane."

"Good point to that." The captain agreed.

The logistics laid down their plans. I surely need them with this. Their skills and connections are quite impressive but not enough to ensure our lives there.

"Your company under the command of Don Juan, expanded to Rio de Janeiro, Mr. Alderige." They what? That son of a bitch.

"At exactly 22:00 tomorrow, you will be flying to Mexico. You guys will start from there. Our outpost will receive you, provide necessities and lead your way." That's where I have to disagree.

"I'm sorry, I have to reject all of your plans. I made the necessary arrangements before I got here." 

"Then will you care to enlighten us, Mr. Alderige?" Captain Nottingham blurted out. I caught the subtle sarcasm on that. 

"As I've said, I'm going there as the President of the company assessing the damage that happened. I'm bringing my assistant with me and a few good fellas from my alma mater Oxford because they want to visit the country. Me and my assistant will be the first to arrive to avoid suspicions. Then these imports will come the next day as tourists from Miami. I already called my chopper to fetch us here. You will send these three to Miami while me and my assistant will proceed to Mexico where the epicenter of the problem occurred."

There's  a long pause between us. I know I'm good at planning, they have to give it to me. The captain stared at me for a split seconds and nodded slowly. 

"We have orders directly from the president that you will plan this yourself. Have you been this accurate in planning?" I don't know if he is opening an umbrella but I seem to notice the shade.

"Well, it's a family trait." 

"I bet." The woman from the logistics chirped in. I winked at her. Such class.

"Don't worry everyone. I made sure we will get out of that place without a single scratch."

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