Unknown woman

Lilianah swiftly move her leg and kicked the man on his private part, who was holding her from right. He left her arm held his manhood and clutched it hard. He fell on ground on his knees, not able to bear the pain he passed out.

She then hold the other man by his neck and applied so much force that he chocked. His face turned green due to less amount of oxygen.

Lilianah brutally flip him to one side and slowly walked towards Mira. Gang leader who was proudly sitting on his chair almost fell down from his seat and pee in his pants.

Her bloodthurst aura was brewing more and more intence. Her eyes were blood red screaming for the thirst of seeing blood.

"Slut! Stop there or my man will kill you" leader said his voice was shaking yet he still showed a brave face.

Lilianah's body was trembling in anger when she saw the ripped cloth of Mira. Lilianah stop near the men wh

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