The Trickster

"Damn it! I think we've lost them!" Lin asked Roy, annoyed. "Can you sense anybody?"

Roy shook his head. "Nope! everyone is too far away... "

Earlier when the alpha beast appeared, they all ran in different directions and luckily one of the smaller beasts followed Roy and Lin while the alpha followed someone else. Lin and Roy took advantage of this situation and ran away to save themselves.

For Roy and Lin, things became pretty straightforward after that. The small one followed both of them and got killed by those two since it was already comparatively weak in front of their teamwork. But now they were too far away from their prior location. Wolf seemed to have run along with Remy in a different direction too.

Creed and Mira also got detached from the group. Now they were all lost and scattered. The Hall seemed very huge and spacious since the pillars were blocking their vision in every direction. They couldn't track themselves or others. Lin and Roy gues

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