Marie’s POV

I sat as I quietly as I could in the classroom a teacher had been kind enough to guide me to, it was not my culture to be quiet though, but what can I do, it’s my first time in Bells, I need to make good appearance even if it is for just a day

I was about to get up from my sit, turning my golden curls to a side, I looked up to see, what you would call the perfect definition of a nerd, he was a little bit on the fair side though not compareble to my white skin, a big baby to make the description short, I guess someone is yet to lose baby fat, he was so distinct among the crowd who had come to welcome and look at this beauty till they are full

I immediately marked him to be mine, my own perfect cute bunny, I watched him through a corner of my eye, he walked and sat quietly beside me hardly making a sound,

I turned fully to him to fully observe him, I saw he was hanging his head low, refusing to look at me but was observing every of my move and he was fully aware I was staring at him now

It’s high time, I let out my colours being low profile was never my thing “The name is Marie …Marie Richwood “ I said extending my hand to him for a handshake but my perfect bunny continued to bring out some boring calculus and biology textbooks into his desk locker, seeing what he was doing, I suddenly became aware, here they don’t have locker rooms like my former school instead each students have lockers attached to their desks and its left to you to lock it or not

Seeing I was still being ignored, i grabbed his locker and shut it close, only then was I permitted to see his face, round and shiny brown eyes were looking at me, so beautiful was my first thought that I forgot my reason for being angry in the first place

“What is it?” he asked sounding pissed

“What’s your name?” I asked still holding onto his locker, our heads only inches apart, before answering me he leaned back into his seat

“Why should I tell you?” came the annoying reply before he pulled my hand loose off his desk and continue with locker arranging, his beautiful face contorting into a frown

What? No one gets the last word, I do

“Fine I will just call you nerd then since you totally look like one” I replied not giving up making his brows creased up a little further, smiling triumphantly I stood up determined to play further with him  and banged the table so loudly getting the attention of others,

“My Name……”But Mr. Nerd beat me to it, taking advantage of my announcement effort

“what she means to say is, it’s time for assembly, I almost forgot “ he pat me on the head since he was a little taller “thanks so much I would have been sanctioned on my first day at school but for your timely intervention “ he smirked which made him look creepy according to me since I was fuming, he bent down and pressed a button before a chilling siren noise went off in the classroom , other students immediately blocked their ear and looked evilly at Mr. Nerd who just ignored all the stares and walked out

Looks like someone does a lot of snubbing                    

Words like “jerk “, “spoilt brat “ I too know” began to flow after his departure as several students murmured and groggily made their way to I guess assembly ground

“He could have just rang the bell, must he put on that damn siren all the time”

I was about to follow the boring procession out of the class when I was suddenly grabbed by the shoulder to see a sweet smiling girl she was so petite and cute ‘Care if I show you the place?” she asked in between smiles looking at me hopefully me rejecting her will surely embarrass her since half of the class were paying attention to us

“no problem I don’t mind” replying smoothly, talk about minions and I did not even lift a finger, but my minion finding joy was short lived as soon as I remembered it was supposed to be Mr. Nerd job of showing me around in the first place

I had this faint feeling of being used, my hand still hurt from hitting the desk so hard but I was not the least bit annoyed since he wants to play smart I will just show him who is boss at this game

I let my pen fall down discretely

“am coming I think my pen fell” I quickly bent down before she offered minions they take their job so seriously dear me, I bent down searching for the siren controller near his desk, instead it was attached to the floor, seeing the red like button protruding from the floor, I used my pen to jab it till it broke in two making it impossible to switch on without hurting a finger

I stood up dazing my minion, oh sorry minions a wonderful smile as I stood up, two girls had joined the other sweet smiling girl, “shall we?”

Soon I found myself on an open field, a blast of hot wind almost roasting me, the girls were talking to me but I was barely listening what’s my business with the history of the school, I was feeling hot and itchy

Noticing my discomfort, sweet smiling girl whose name turns out to be Hannah decided to have mercy on me by handing over her hand fan using her own hands to fan herself

I was dumbfounded this minion was so loyal, back at Dale my minions though they follow me everywhere do not really care for me like this since I made their life hell

“Sorry it usually gets like this around this time, by December it is going to be chilly cold “Anna one of the two girls explained sounding like she had done me a huge favour by informing me before hand

“How do you guys survive in this?” looking at their hats and coats, it was so hot and yet they were bundled up like Christie Richwood my aunt, she usually dolls up herself every Sunday from head to toe barely showing any skin as if it would make her anymore righteous, she curses more than anyone in the world

‘Actually we only wear this on when going for assemblies, trying to avoid trouble and we can also wear it in class if we wish since the Air conditioner will be on, so the stress is only in the morning “ she explained picking up her steps and dragging me along

I vowed never to wear this thing, might as well deliver me to a nunnery

We got to the Assembly field just on time to see Mr. Nerd walk up the stage looking serious with his duties; I couldn’t hide my curiosity any longer I asked Mercy

“Why is he doing that?

What’s he doing there? “

“He is a very diligent student according to the teachers and the best student in the whole school so automatically that duty is for him, principal Francis says he is the perfect model student and he is super handsome, almost all the girls are into him Nicole here worships him” Mercy pointed her hand at the other girl who was quite hooked on Mr. Nerd

“bla bla bla boring story” I commented, still observing him on stage,

he looks dashing though I can’t help but admit, the perfect African prince

Anna cut in dragging me out of my thoughts “That ITK (means knows too much) Cyrus just likes flaunting his parents status on other kids, you should see the way the Principal treats him, like an African prince”

So his name is Cyrus……….. Why the secrecy

“Who are his parents? “ I asked but I never got an answer as they all shushed me and made me join the line for our class

Every student had to line up according to their classes, male students also have their own lines, luckily the field was not in the sun it was surrounded by tall tress which acts as shade from the sun, I was behind Hannah since she was short, and the other girls wouldn’t leave my side until Mr. Nerd sharp voice rang out and everyone straightened up, looks like he has quite the authority in this school

“The National Anthem”

What?? They got to be kidding me?

This is torture

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