Chapter 3066

Did he really think that he was lucky enough to pick the weakest of the beasts on a whim? However, Fane did not care what the others thought at all. He had his own judgments.

The caretaker next to him remained emotionless, looking like nothing that happened around him had anything to do with him at all. When Fane chose the energy hound, the other four beasts turned into nothing, and energy turned into an image of the energy hound.

The energy hound solidified very quickly. It let out a howl that filled the whole arena. The next second, the hound dropped from the air. Fane was on the south side while the hound was on the north side. The two of them looked at each other from opposing sides.

The energy hound bared its sharp teeth as its blood-red eyes viciously stared at Fane, looking like it was prepared to bite into Fane's throat at the next second! As it howled, saliva could be seen dripping from its teeth.

The spikes around its body constantly shook, like a wild dog that had seen
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Comments (5)
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Phil Garinger
the story needs to move faster. I'm rapidly losing interest because it takes 4 days to resolve even a minor plot line. it looks like the writer doesn't know what to do next and so they just fill up page after page with repeating dialog that means nothing.
goodnovel comment avatar
Camara Springer
I like your story but you need to get to the point this black iron bet has been going on to long.
goodnovel comment avatar
Chris Baga
What ever Fane does they will mock and mock and mock. The objective is stretch every little thing to suck away your money.

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