He pulled her lower lip with his lips and moved down towards her neck. He placed a kiss softly just above her collar bone, making chills run up her back due to her sensitive skin.

She moaned in pleasure and Hardin smiled while kissing her neck, driving her more crazy.

His hands went back to the zip of Sia's dress and he unzipped it slowly dragging down its zip, while still kissing her neck making her moan and grab Hardin's hair, pulling at them slightly.

Just as he unzipped it, her dress fell down and pooled at her ankles. He leaned away from her and admired her body with hooded eyes.

Sia closed her eyes due to embarassement and tried to cover herself with her arms, but Hardin grabbed her arms and placed them back down. He took a step forward and placed his hands under her thighs. It was a gesture for her to jump in his arms,
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too hot to handle???... Oh my Sia is unaware that Hardin loves her?..

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