Chapter 4

** I am telling the truth**

She opened her eyes slowly. Her eyes fell on the fan which was hanging above her head and the number of students was staring at her like she was some alien. With lots of a number of faces around her, she woke up unconscious.

" Was it a dream? Was it a nightmare?

She looked around and searched for those six. " Where is Athena ?" she asked the students around her.

They looked at each other as if they have never heard the name Athena for their whole life?

" Who is Athena?" one of them asked.

She knew the faces of them all but how can it be possible that these girls don't know about Athena. It's impossible.

" Athena, the one who used to bully me? The tall and really badass girl who takes away all of our money and stuff. Don't you remember her? ," she clarified gesturing with my hands. But, they look puzzled. Did they really disappear from my sight?

She walked to the administration to ask about them. They told them they have no student named Athena. And they told me, She was out since yesterday evening and she was laid in the gate of the foster home at night. The bell was rung at the midnight and she was found on the entrance gate of the foster home.

Her mind was in a maze. She didn't what was the reality and what was not. How can the person disappear from the earth in an instant? She wanted to test whether it was true or just her imaginations and illusions. But, she came to reality when she saw a petal of cherry blossom on the furry cap of her jacket.

She was in front of the mirror and she could see the petal. She took off her jacket and picked the petal of the flower. It was still fresh. She picked it up and used it in her skin, to cut her skin, and yes it cut her skin and there was bleeding for a certain time and it healed on itself.

And, when it cut her skin and healed she tore down. She felt her tears. It was real. Everything was real. She ran to the nearest person she could find and showed them. The petal of the flower.

" Look! Look at this thing...It can cut and heal you," she was speaking like a crazy person and the one who was with her, she was thinking that this girl had turned into a mad person. She had become a crazy person because she wasn't seeing the things whatever she was explaining.

Everybody thought that she was mad and she had turned into some mental patient but she knew that the night she had lived, the horrible night she had lived and cannot forget. Five of the people that she knew were disappeared from the world, like completely disappeared and she had experienced the most unbelievable story that the world can never ever believe her.

She was taken in the catholic cathedrals for the treatment too. But, it didn't work. She kept saying that it was the truth, not her imaginations. She wanted to speak her heart out but guess what, the world wasn't still ready to hear from her. 

Even after taking her to the cathedrals didn't work, she was brought to some witch doctors thinking that some evil witch might have possessed her or maybe even the evil soul. But, no witches and no evil souls were found to be possessed. Instead, she used to get whipped, get beatings and even burnt with the red hot metal and at last, she accepted that it was only her imaginations in front of them.

Not, because it was unreal but because she was sick of visiting each and every witch doctor, each and every cathedral. Her life had turned upside down since the day, she had accepted that it was real. So, she thought that she could live a better life without that truth. She could live a better life if she digests that truth and leave with the faded memories of her being bullied.

And, Aries. He never got out of her life. She met him for just two times and with the count on cliff, it was three times but she could never understand why Aries was there and how can he be there? And why Aries pushed her from the cliff.

Everything turned to normal after a year. Though she couldn't forget that night, somewhere deep in her heart she had buried it life a coffin buried deep in the soil which cannot be opened up again after it is buried once.

And, her dream was still the same , to leave the foster home, when she would be 18 and she did that too. The foster home had only bad memories. Not, only the memories but also the nightmare that she is going to hold for a long time in her heart.

When she walked out of the foster home, she got everything easily. She rented the room which was well furnished and well facilitated yet so cheap. Cheaper than, the price of the rooms in the slums. She had thought that she was lucky enough to get a room at such a low price. She was admitted to the prestigious university in full scholarship and she also got her part-time job as a private tutor from which she could earn a lot of money.

Everything was going along, in perfect condition. She made a new friend in a university who was so keen on talking and being with her. Her name was Katie and Katie was really always helpful to her. She used to drag herself to her house most of the time and spend and used to sleep in her house for lots of time.

She was happy. She pretended to be happy but she was so afraid inside. Because the same dream used to come to her every night. The guy who was dead, shot with an arrow and he kissed her for the one last time in her lips and he breathed his last breath and then, he died and every night she would cry in front of his tomb, in front of the cave where his tomb was built and she used to do that every day.

And, she used to cry every night, with that dream because it used to feel so real to her. She wanted to get out of all this.

And, one day when she was walking back her home at about 7 pm in the night, a boy who was of near ten years around, asked her to buy the newspaper from him. Feeling pity for the little boy who was struggling for the penny and food she bought the newspaper and then, kept it inside her bag.

When she reached her house, had her dinner, she went to her study table and started looking at the newspaper she had bought in the day. She kept on flipping the page and suddenly saw the handsome and marvelous guy who seemed to be around the age of 30 and was very attractive and eye-catching that she wasn't able to remove her eyes from him. It felt as if his beauty had bewitched her for some minutes.

He was non-other than the CEO of the famous company, The Emerald group of companies, and below there was given the notice, notice of the vacancy.

It wasn't like she had fallen for him but it was like, that thing had attracted her so much that she wanted to try her luck, in one of the most prestigious companies in the city. 

She slept that night, but that night she saw that dream again and again she couldn't recognize the person in her dreams in the morning. She was able to remember everything, everything except one thing, his face.

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