Immortal Love

Immortal Love

By:  Rosechrys  Completed
Language: English
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Heidi Collin, a 16 year girl was bullied everyday. She thought death could be the better option for her. But what if her death changes her life completely. What if even her death was decided and of not her choice? What is her existence? What is she? Who is trying to protect her? And..who is trying to kill her? Note: English is my second language. So, please forgive my grammatical errors. **The book contains violent scenes. Please, read at your own risk. Disclaimer: This is the work of fiction. Please, don't try to copy the part or the plot of the book. I own the characters, plots and all the events. I don't own the cover pic. Please, leave reviews and happy reading...

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117 Chapters
Chapter 1
** A girl who never cried**"Hey, you filthy bitch! Get up"A bucket of water was splashed on the bed Heidi Collin was sleeping. Narrowing her brows and flinching and jumping out of her bed due to  cold water's sensation on her skin, on the cold Dece
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Chapter 2
** You are worst of worst Athena**                                                                    She walked back to the foster home with the slow steps along with him. And, she stopped her footsteps in front of the gate of the foster home.“Why did you stop here ?” he asked.“ I live here. This has been my house since the last 16 years,” she answered pointing her index finger to the foster building.” Oh! I am sorry,” he asked for the forgiveness scratching his neck.“No, it’s ok. It&rsq
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Chapter 3
  ** A dream or a reality** She ran like a leopard not looking back to them. For once in a while, she wanted to be away from them. For once in her lifetime, she wanted to far away from them. But, not like this. She wanted to leave the foster home, fairly and in her own consent, not like this, being chased.After she had run, a long-distance, she stopped bending her waist and touching the knees and sitting down on a ground restlessly, she looked back at them. They weren’t there. Finally, she thought she was safe from those bullies.But, the problem actually started from here. The problem was that she never had imagined and the problem that would change the rest of her life forever.“Where am I?” she spoke to herself.Where in the world i
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Chapter 4
** I am telling the truth**She opened her eyes slowly. Her eyes fell on the fan which was hanging above her head and the number of students was staring at her like she was some alien. With lots of a number of faces around her, she woke up unconscious." Was it a dream? Was it a nightmare?
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Chapter 5
** Interview**She woke up restless and panicked and turned on the light beside her bed. She grabbed her hair and pulled out the drawer beside her bed. The petal of cherry blossom that would prove that it wasn't just a mere nightmare.She picked it up and tried again to cut off her hand with it.
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Chapter 6
** Was it actually nightmare?** “ Your highness, Majesty, do you really think it’s her ?” Aries asked the CEO of the Emerald.He didn’t turn his face but he kept on tapping his finger on the table and said,” I am not sure Aries but she makes me feel as she is the one for the ritual. That day is soon, going to finish and this girl can give us our freedom. She can give us the way to eternity and the afterlife. If she is really the one we were looking for,” he replied.“ Yes, your Majesty but she is really someone who doesn’t know anything. Should we really let her know about this? She is really naïve, your highness,” Aries said.He raised his index finger and then, turned to him. “ Since when did you start to be kind to her? Remember Aries, she is our sacrificial scapegoat
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Chapter 7
 ** Getting a job**It was pre-planned for everything that happened to her. Everything was meant to be like that. She was meant to be bullied. She was meant to be illusional and she was meant to fall off the cliff just because someone was checking up on him and was still gonna check up on her.Her life was totally going to be changed after she had joined the company because it wasn’t the company she yearned to work but it was the company she was trapped in to be there. The boy, the newspaper, the charms on the face of the CEO, and the vacancy announcement, they were all trap to bring her there, to bring their sacrificial offering to themselves.He was cursed. Cursed with one of the strongest curses, he was stopped from leaving the world and joining the destination of the eternal afterlife. Only, a suitable sacrifice who should be a woman could break it.
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Chapter 8
** Lone Again** Heidi was more than just a shocked. She expected Aries would remember her and they would be talking something like friends but no, it was different. Instead, he didn’t even ask, how she was  she all these years. Life is such a ridiculous thing right? Who knew that one day, it would turn like this? She thought deep and took a bus home.When she reached her room, she heard some sounds from the inside. Who could it be? No one comes to her home and literally no one except Katie as she had no one who could come to her home. She could even hear the sounds of the guy in there.She quickly opened the door and then, stared at her room. There were the outfits scattered on the floor. The female one. Was it Katie? She walked further and she saw the male outfits another minute. She picked up those clothes a
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Chapter 9
 **Ridiculous Life**                                                     Heidi couldn’t sleep all night. How could she ? She had one joy to celebrate and more than that joy she had something she had lost so near to her heart. Maybe, she was so much overacting or maybe she was thinking too much but at the end of the day, she lost her friend. One and only friend.She opened the fridge and checked the beer in there and walking to her balcony and looking at the beautiful half-moon, she sipped the beer, thinking how unfortunate she her fate was. The warm tears were rolling down her cheeks and she was smiling a forced smile looking at the moon above.“ What the hell? Why are you crying a lot today ?” a
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Chapter 10
 ** The Zero Sounds Interesting**                          She woke up in the morning. Today, she has no one to call her and wake her up for being late for college.“ Katie, Katie, where are you ?” she called her unconsciously and realized later on that she is no long there. She stood up from couch and walked to her room where she had created the mess last night.She picked up the bedsheet that she ripped last night and threw it in dustbin. She has to move today. She quickly, walked to the bathroom took the shower and then, changed and packed the stuffs that she needed to for some days.She had thought of coming back on some days and packing up the more stuffs she needed. As, she had already paid for t
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