Patience's POV

I watched as my mother, Lydia and my sister Faith eyes met me, I sighed gazing at my reflection in the mirror, already dreading the day that was supposed to be the most memorable o-

"Brighten up dear, this is a joyous occasion," My mother pointed out

"Can I get a moment alone?" I asked them for what felt like the tenth time today and this time they complied, I watched as they walked out, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I tried to look at the brighter side but the strategy failed as the only two positives I could find were living closely to Patsy and being able to finally obtain a passport.

And the worst part of this all was that it hosted some of the most important people in the town which meant I had to be on guard all day, I had to be perfect for a day I was supposed to relax and enjoy.

I stepped away from the mirror grabbing a glass of champagne from the small table by the window. I took a sip as I appreciated the view of the forest on the other end, the birds flying free like I wish I could.

"What cannot be said will be wept," I heard Hannah call out and I smiled recognizing the quote from the book. I turned to see her dressed in a blue suit, which she wore better than half the men who decided to attend.

"You look absolutely beautiful," she added and I smiled

"Thank you and the suit brings out your eyes,"

"Really I hadn't taken notice," she replied amused

"How are you feeling?" She asked moving over to me as I took another sip of my champagne.


"And I'm assuming that doesn't stem from the tightness of the dress you're wearing," she joked trying to make me feel better and I smiled appreciating her attempt.

"I wish I didn't have to do this," I confessed finishing my champagne before replacing the empty glass with a filled one. She mumbled something and I frowned not quite catching it.

"What?" I asked watching as her eyes met mine.

"Nothing, just thoughts," she whispered frowning her eyes running over me slowly.

"Atleast you will get some beautiful pictures from this," she pointed out smiling as her eyes met mine once more.

"I spent the night practising a believable smile," I confessed truthfully

"May I see it?" She asked and I replaced my genuine smile with the fake.

"I am appalled," she said making me laugh.

"Is it not the perfect smile for one's wedding?" I asked amused finishing my glass of champagne lifting another.

"Not when it holds no resemblance to your real smile, anybody whose ever seen you smile will see right through it" she said, immediately grabbing the glass of champagne from my hand.

"Your the only one who seems to know what I look like genuinely happy these days so I think I'll be fine," I replied her words meaning more to me than she would ever know.

"But if not tell them you have a toothache, it would explain everything," she advised jokingly and I smiled watching as she took a sip from the glass she had recently taken from my grasp.

"You should let your hair down more often," I told her, witnessing it out of it's usual ponytail and she nodded a small smile on her face as footsteps sounded, my mother, sister and Lydia returning to the room. I watched as Hannah turned facing them the look of disgust on my mother's face ha-

"Ms Gails," Faith called out smiling.

"Ms Williams, how are you?" Hannah asked my sister surprised.

"I'm doing okay, I had no idea you were acquainted with my older sister," Faith replied and I frowned wondering how they knew each other.

"How do you know Ms Gails?" My mother asked voicing my thoughts.

"She's George's lawyer," Faith replied and relief ran through me for a reason I didn't understand.

"I was just leaving my blessing with the bride, it was lovely to see you again Mrs Mathews," Hannah said to my mother making me smile as she walked out.





Hannah's POV

I stood there my gaze moving to the entrance as she began walking up the aisle, my mind becoming numb to everything else, the veil covering her face not doing much since the sight of her was already engraved in my mind.

Her head tilted in my direction and I flashed her a small smile as she walked past me, cursing my luck since the first time I felt something real and genuine for a person she was being wedded to my friend.

But at the same time, I was grateful, knowing that a relationship with me would only bring pain and secrecy since the love between women was forbidden. Our love would only reflect a rose, beautiful with so much meaning but covered in thorns, and if we were not careful our own love would be the reason why we bleed.

I sat down with the crowd watching as words were spoken as well as vows. I had labelled myself crazy the night before for falling for someone I had only known for a little over a month, but it was absolutely out of my control and if I could reverse it I would or maybe I wouldn't because then the emotions attached to our memories would vanish.

It was hard enough hiding who I was from the world, keeping my feelings from her just left me feeling stuck, trapped it's like I was destined to fly but my wings were clipped.

But what suppressing my self for years thought me, was how to live in my thoughts, since I would never be able to live my truth freely.

I watched as their lips touched sealing their union together, reality settled and I was suddenly the one faking a smile.








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