Chapter 69: You're My Dadey~



Seeing the weird black hazes from the evil spirit, as if the evil spirit's mist body was becoming thin air, the evil spirit screams, "Ahhh!"

K Whatever was perplexed as to how a pair of child-sized scissors could harm the evil spirit.However, she wouldn't wait for him to recover and get caught again.

She stood up and ran away! Leaving the evil spirit enraged and on the run to catch up with her!

"What the fridge!" K Whatever was holding her dress along with the kiddie sized scissors as she was running for her life! If her healing ability was still activated in this world, she would recklessly eliminate that shadow that’s hunting her!

However, not only doesn't she have her abilities, she doesn’t even know what was going on! "What a luck!"

With her bare feet running around in the cemetery, the ground left painful spikes on her feet and she kept stumbling upon hard plaques in eve

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