Chapter 13

" you dickhead, you are such a beast; you made your mother cry." Purple cursed, and Vance just left the scene.

" Vance doesn't know about the whole thing, and now he is assuming things, but he___he will understand," Luna said, crying and like a sweetheart,t Purple is. She hugged Luna and started comforting her.

"come on, Luna; you are strong. You should not cry," Purple said, and the Luna smiled at her.

" if you don't mind, can you tell me about what Vance just said? Only if you are comfortable." Purple asked, and the Luna nodded slowly and gave Purple a smile

The Luna didn't mind as she thought Purple could understand the issue as she was also similar.

" Purple, you know___I was in the same situation in which you are in," Luna said, and Purple looked confused.

" what do you mean, Luna?" Purple asked, knitting her eyebrows together.

" I will tell you that only if you call me mom, deal?" the Luna said, smiling.

" yeah, dea

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Rashi Malik
I generally hate this part in books where males sleep with der so called loves and abandon thet true mates.. and female can't even lose der v card.. let purple reject him
goodnovel comment avatar
Kit Ann
This is the worst writings in any book I ever read grammar is off punctuation is off the story actually has a good storyline but I think it was written by somebody who doesn’t understand English very well
goodnovel comment avatar
Jane Walker
I really want to slap some sense into Vance! I can’t stand how he’s treating Purple and I bet he would go ballistic if another alpha asked Purple if he could knot her!! I would love to see how he’d react. Poor Purple! I love this book and can’t wait to read more! Excellent writing

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