Author: Rooms


The night was a special kind of blackness, the kind that wants only to hold the stars and help them to shine all the brighter. It was a warm black that hugged you no matter what, and within it's the safety I could feel my own soul all the more clearly, that innocent inborn spark.

Bathed in the light of the sun, the moon was more beautiful than even the stars around.

The werewolves move by the twilight moon, coordinated, but rarely in the company. Their target is prearranged and all that matters is a confirmed kill. Gone are the days of raging beasts with no thought to conceal their identity, anonymity is priority number one.

The only shining things other than the stars were their sparkly coloured eyes...warm brown...hazel and deep blue with flecks of silver.

The wolves appeared silently...trying to stay low as long as they could.

It was a small tribe they were keeping their eyes on.

Although they had no intention to kill the whole tribe but a particular individual who seems to either busy in eating or drunk asleep.

After waiting for over an hour they finally saw a man whirling around as he tried his best to walk towards the water stream.

The man could not open his eyes properly but crouched down to wash his face.

As soon as the fresh cd water hits his face, the senses came back and he could see properly.

Right in front of him was a pack of wolves...their sharp long teeth were so white that it made him gulp in fear.

Grey, black and warm brown fur type skins were looking beautiful.

It was the first time the man had seen the wolves closely.

Without moving an inch he tried his best to call out the people...but all of them were peacefully asleep.

Another moment and the alpha among the wolves walked forward...each step he took made the man's heart skip a beat.

Before he could do anything, the wolf attacked him, the rest of the pack joining him and the shrieks of the man echoed in the empty field.

The people of the tribe came out suddenly just to see who was calling out for help when the lights of their lanterns came across the body of the man which was ripped badly.

"What is this?" one of the men gasped in horror.

"Wolves...they are back," the old man who seems to be a hunter replied looking around.

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