Chapter 173

Judging from the small building the wedding was being held at, it was initially meant to be an intimate event. As grandma mentioned earlier, the couple in question had high hopes that a wedding was just what people needed to lift spirits. As it turns out, they were right.

There were cars spilling out of the little parking lot, parked alongside curbs and even up on the flat, grassy areas. Dainty paper lanterns suspended on thin fishing wire were what led guests to the front doors, though many just walked around the building to where the party was overflowing into the grass. A hastily thrown together dance floor had been constructed out back, along with a dozen or so tiki torches and streamers in various shades of violet.

The sign out front read, ‘Chatham Recreational Center.’ The music pouring from within was loud and upbeat, matching the laughter that drifted throughout the air. Children darted in and out, weaving between adults who were either drinking, eating, or dancing.

There was
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Sandra Cadman
I reckon in the end she had both asha and Tristan as her mates asha snot happy but he will do anything for Lola they all live happily ever after pop out a few kids move to the country the end
goodnovel comment avatar
Why is this the way this book ended? This is clearly not an end. Very disappointed but hopefully that will be curved with an update
goodnovel comment avatar
Julie S
That can’t be the end. That’s a horrible way to end a story/book. I spent over $50 for this?!?!

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