Chapter 183

Rather than felt, I heard the screech of metal twisting and tearing, followed by a loud splash. Before I could swipe away the moisture that coated my face, the entire world went dark.

“Damn it, Lola…” A voice snarled, practically shouting in my ear. “…one minute before I throw your ass over my shoulder and—”

All at once the memories collided in my head, exploding in a symphony of screeching tires, torn metal, and rushing water. The soundtrack was backed by Tristan’s voice, which was growing angrier by the second. When I was able to pry my eyes open, my surroundings quickly sharpened and the forest we were in came into view. While I was more than thankful there wasn’t any light to blind me, there was a gnawing sort of pain covering most of my body.

‘Goddess, I hate cars.’ Maya groaned, ‘We’re running everywhere from now on.’

“You need to get the hell up before the witches catch up.” Tristan hissed quietly, wedging his hands underneath my arms.

As he lifted me to my feet, the pain that
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Rafaella Vittoria
hopefully the cars that she's hearing is Asher or her warriors

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