Chapter 233

One moment I’d been swallowed by the darkness, and the next it was nowhere to be seen.

Light assaulted my eyes, carrying with it colors so vibrant they practically glowed.

Sprawling hills of emerald grass wove in and out of the land in all directions, topped with lush trees whose branches dipped and bowed, providing soothing patches of shade to escape in when the sun became too unbearable.

Rays of glittering gold shone over everything. Over the birds as they flew, over the butterflies that darted from wildflower to wildflower. They even shone over the structures in the distance, the ones that rose up out of the grown at odd angles, with pieces that swung in the gentle breeze.

Wait a second. Was this a park?

I broke into a jog, racing down the hill I stood atop of. Silky threads of grass caressed my legs, gentle against my bare skin. The air was cool in my lungs and surprisingly sweet on my tongue. As it filled my body, my head became clearer.

Drawing near, the figures that had once be
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This chapter made me cry
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You spend way to much dang time describing structures and scenery and sh!t then you do on the actual cracters and what’s going on in the story line no wonder a lot of it doesn’t make much since
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Betty Strait
lol everybody mad at the updates ... ive loved this book so much ...

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