Little Liar

Sacha's POV 

At home, the maids got the dinner table ready for dinner. Judy was sitting, playing on her iPad and was attending to Champion, the baby. My husband wasn't home as yet and I patiently awaiting his arrival. 

When dinner was being served, Christian came. He freshened up quickly before joining us in the dinning room. 

"Hey beautiful. How was your day today?" he asked me with a quick kiss on the lips. 

"Entertaining," I answered. 

"Nice. And Judy, how was your day?"

"As usual," she answered. 

"Judy, we're about to have dinner. Put the iPad away," I instructed to my kid sister who was getting as tall as I was. 

"Sorry," she apologized and complied. 


After dinner, I put Champion to bed and I got freshen up. Entering into the bedroom, Christian pulled me into his arms but I hesitated.

"Is something wrong?" he asked me. 


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Eunette Lee
Does Sacha have a daughter or son? Do they have more than one child? I was a little confused - thank you!
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I love this book, once I started reading it I couldn't put it down, now I am anxious to read the other book.
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