88 | Come back to me

Ananya's POV 

Yesterday when Akshat confessed his feelings I made up my mind that I am leaving his house as soon as possible. Today I talked to the lady who helped me to get a room when I left my uncle's house and she has asked me to give her a time of 2 days. But I haven't discussed this with Akshat and his mother or like every time they will stop me from going anywhere and this time I am not going to stay back at any cost. 


"How many times I have to tell you Maria that don't call me ma'am. People call me Ananya or Ana," 

I said without looking up as my eyes were busy with the work. 

"Now tell me what made you come here?" I closed the file and looked up at the girl standing in front of me. 

"I want half-day leave" 

"Half day leave? But you know that currently the cafe is full of customers and we are already running low on

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goodnovel comment avatar
Yessss yess I was waiting for him to take a stand yay yay yay ok back to the book lol
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Karla Rodriguez
more !!! love it !!
goodnovel comment avatar
pooja karayat
villain of the year award goes to akshat...👿

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