Chapter 35

Alpha Killian's p.o.v

I stared into the empty cell. The only proof that Claire had once been here was her delicate scent wafting in the air, getting weaker by the second.

"She's gone." My voice came out strong, but I could feel myself losing control.

My Beta snapped me out of my misery, "They couldn't have left that long ago. Her scent is still fresh."

I turned to the rest of the warriors, "Are any of you skilled at tracking?"

They looked around at eachother in silence when one man stepped forward. He had to be in his mid thirties, the lines on his face accompanied his many scars.

"I've got a knack for it." He nodded, walking up to the cell and breathing deeply.

I turned to my Beta, "Go back to the dungeons, get more information from Blake. Link me if he says anything useful." I growled, turning my attention to the tracker.

The tracker walked into the empty cell, his eyes closed
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Comments (7)
goodnovel comment avatar
Or are you saying 18 following the tracker but 19 in total then yes you are correct proceed
goodnovel comment avatar
? 20 total and one got send back.. 20-1=19
goodnovel comment avatar
If there were 20 total, and the beta got sent back to torture Blake, the should be 18 following the tracker, just FYI.

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