Chapter 32 - Finale

They continued down the street. It was dark and quiet with only the distant noise of the battle taking place elsewhere could be heard. Lukas could hear his own breath as they traversed the road, paranoia slowly forming in his mind. He restrained his thoughts before it became a distraction until something urged him to stop.

He raised his fist upwards and glanced from left to right. The storefronts around them looked weird. Of all the stores, one in particular was not barricaded. He studied it and noticed swirling darkness beneath, as if a black smog or a murky water filled it from the inside. He took two steps towards it when the glass that kept it from the outside world shattered, along with the other storefronts around and behind them.

Elongated shadows streaked from the stores. Lukas noticed the white porcelain faces on the top of the six entities. He raised his aim and fired at the face of the entity near him.

Three bursts and the face shattered. The entity i
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