Aricka's Fate: Verge of Death

Aricka's Fate: Verge of Death

By:  iamamadwoman  Ongoing
Language: English
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Aricka Evangelista, a red-haired girl with a pair of pitch-black eyes, never knew that one day she'll be chased to death by something that kills and possesses the body of those who have seen a certain book, the Death of God. The book contains secrets of the light and the dark and according to the myth, everyone who touched and read it will be taken by an unknown force and their body will be used to also kill others who will next take possession of the book. The more she runs, the more people are affected, and the more they chase her, the more she discovers.

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Aricka's Fate Verge of Death is a thrilling horror novel that deals with the paranormal. Aricka Evangelista keeps hearing a strange voice in her head. It keeps on saying that it will come for her. One day, she stumbles upon a mysterious book that contains the secrets of the light and the dark. It is the cursed book, the Death of God. Aricka is on the run, trying to escape death, but it is determined to catch up with her. Will she succeed in reclaiming her life? Or nothing but a tragic demise that awaits her?

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5 Chapters
"Sh*t" I cursed as I reached this cliff. I move a little to see how high the place is and if there is a possible escape for me, but there is not. All I see is the wild crashing of the waves below that will surely kill me if I plan to jump.When I heard footsteps I immediately faced them. Well, looks like I am really dead."You can't run anymore, silly girl," Michelle said in a different voice. I know this is not her anymore, she won't tell me an obvious thing if she is still here. Michelle, I am so sorry, I failed.They are right, I am already tired and I have nowhere else to run, I am on the edge and I might fall if I plan to move an inch, I am clearly cornered. My tears started to fall out of disappointment. I am slowly enveloped by fear, anger, and frustrations. And ev
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Chapter 1
"Our inner demons are what we call the devil." "Pray for us, Abril," our family said in unison while dancing in the middle.I can't help but roll my eyes. Today is my mother's death anniversary but because my mother doesn't like us to be sad. So every March 20 our family holds a party on her behalf. As of the moment, these monkeys are eating, singing, dancing, and laughing as if there is something to be happy about.And of course, my twin brother Louelle is here too, and he's been the center of attention ever since he came.I took the last sip from my drink then left the sala. I feel like they don't want me there, because I am the black sheep. Nobody
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Chapter 2
TW // contains sexual words that may be too explicit for others, read at your own risk. "Everything dies once - except for love." While on the bus, what kept running through my mind were Michelle’s smiles. Back in the day, I was still the cause of her smiles. When I was the one wiping her tears every time she cried. During the times when even she was hiding me, we were happily in love. Those days when she still loves me.Right, instead of thinking about my leaving twin brother, Michelle is the only one I think of. Why did she suddenly call me again? What did she and Charles quarrel about again? And how long will I beg for her attention? Things I wouldn't have thought of if I were still her girlfriend.A
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Chapter 3
"There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it,"I don't know why I'm here. A place where the sunshine is very high, it’s not like our town. In Dako Paroon the sun doesn't seem to rise, it's always dark, even at noon or 3 pm, you can't see the sun in the sky.I took a walk to find out where I was, but my feet only took me to a park, here I was with a family happily eating. Their two children are still scrambling for candy, while their parents are laughing out loud.  “Aricka, Louelle, enough of that. You’ll hurt each other,” when the woman said that who I think were their mother, I was shocked. It’s Mama. The strong wind makes her long hair dance, the wind also blows away the smell of her clothes. The usual scent of rose.Suddenly my chest tightened because of what I am seeing. I d
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Chapter 4
"Only if you open your eyes, my dear," Fear and nervousness crept into me. That name, that is the name my mother told me in my dreams. W-what does that suppose to mean? I held my breath when I saw a pregnant woman running. She is covered in blood, but I see no wounds on her. Is that the man's blood on her?She stopped near me, seemingly looking for a hiding place. She was crying and panting. What's going on? Why am I here? Is it because of the light that came out from the book? Did the book bring me here?Now I am even more scared, not only for my life but also for this woman. What will I do? How can I help her if I am still weak?When she saw a large rock quite far from me, she immediately hid. Only then did I notice how she looked. Her curly hair is long, she is also redhead like me, and her emerald-colored eyes are shining. Her eyes lit up the whole place around her, it is glowing and that is why I could see her
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