Chapter 159 ~Dario:s worst motive~

Echo's POV: 

"What's going to come up next?" I asked creasing my brows bit the voice I could hear was only their evil laugh behind that audio box.

And after some seconds, the audios stopped.

I wondered what they were going to do with me? 

They have played so much games with me and Mr. Damelo. How could they? How could they do to us? To him? 


Does Genevieve thinks that Dimitri was also her obstruction to him?Will she do anything to him?

My heart started to get scared for Dimitri. Even at that phase I wasn't scared of myself. I don't know the reason but somewhere in my heart I had thought that I will just survive from these all. 

He will just save me from all of this.

I sat down on the floor and suddenly the  light of the room went off. The sudden cut off of light made me scared one more time.

I wasn't getting what they wanted to do with me? What help could I be of them?


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