Chapter 300

It was very late at night when Monique succeeded in coaxing Angel to sleep. Monique tried to get up but her hand was tightly grasped by Angel. A slight movement and Angel would wake up.

Monique quietly freed her hand and patted Angel on the back.

"Angel, I would always love to keep you company but for the sake of providing you a better future, I've got to work harder." Monique said faintly as she patted Angel's back.

Angel continued sleeping soundly, as though she understood what Monique said. Later, Monique cautiously stepped out of the room.

It was perhaps because Angel was still new to the kindergarten and Monique was late to pick her up. Which was why Angel felt like she was being left out.

Monique sighed as she exited the room.

Monique stepped into the chairman's study room and it was her first time being there. Henry's study room was very tidy and neat. It was equipped with a huge shelf full of books, giving off a faintish aroma of literature. On the other corner of the r
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