Chapter 1523

In fact, Madam Ling had already guessed whose child in Gu Xiaoxiao's belly was.

She just didn't want such a daughter-in-law.

"The child belongs to Mr. Ling. Madam Ling, let's talk face to face."

Mrs. Gu rubbed her temples wearily. Gu Xiaoxiao's matter had to be settled as soon as possible.

"All right."

After making an appointment with Madam Ling, Mrs. Gu left the company in a hurry.

"Sorry, Mrs. Gu. I'm late."

Madam Ling arrived at the coffee shop one hour later than the appointed time.

"It doesn't matter. I just arrived."

Mrs. Gu suppressed the anger in her heart, smiled stiffly, and called the waiter.

Madam Ling ordered a cup of latte and observed Mrs. Gu.

She came late on purpose according to Mrs. Gu's usual character in the circle.

It was impossible for her to wait here for such a long time, let alone being so easy-going for her.

It seemed that Gu Xiaoxiao was of great value to her.

"I won't beat around the bush with you. Mrs. Gu, you said that the child in Gu Xiaoxia
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