Chapter 2039

“I’d have to admit that you have a good daughter, Madam Price!”

Yvonne Xavier spoke eloquently.

“It’s just that I’m very curious, won’t you be wide awake at night after eating a roll dipped in your daughter’s blood?

“You don’t have to deny this matter in such a hurry, Madam Price.

“This is because your look, your eyes, and your movements are telling me…

“That you know the entire truth.

“If you don’t know, then the first thing you should do at this moment is to choke me to death instead of listening to me talking here.


Katie Price’s expression slightly changed, and she said coldly after a moment, “Yvonne, if you think my daughter set up Harvey York, you could just bring the documents in your hands to appeal and clear up his suspicion!

“You don’t have to talk nonsense with me here!”

Yvonne replied earnestly, “The documents in my hands were obtained through abnormal means, thanks to countless favors and relationships.

“The provider will not testify about this and will
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