Jason's POV

Sleep swarmed my body as I shifted on the couch, my fingers continuously dancing over the keys on my laptop in hopes of reducing my workload. I really hadn't planned on staying up tonight but as usual, here I was downstairs fighting with my exhaustion.

The twins birthday was only a week away and I could only hope I would be able to find the time to actually be present for them since my free time had basically been nonexistent these last few months.

The reality of things really took a toll on me mentally since even when I tried my best I was still missing important moments in not solely my kids lives but my wives as well.

I was practically missing the majority of Cassi's pregnancy, and in some ways this fact had me appreciating Starr even more these last few days because where I lacked she-

"Jason," I heard Cassi's sweet voice echo my name around the room and I hummed pausing my actions, as I turned to meet her approachi

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