Chapter 9

"Alex, it's so weird. If you are also a vampire, why didn't you get burned in the sunlight?" Layla asked, confused. Her eyebrows furrowed together. She was thinking deeply. We were currently walking in an open field. It was all grass and the afternoon sun hit our skin. We don't have any idea where we are now. We were walking for almost two hours and my feet were aching.

I just shrugged my shoulders and then said, "Is it because I am also a werewolf?"

"Maybe yes, maybe no?" she said while shrugging her shoulders.

"You know what? Let's stop thinking about that, it's stressing me out." I said nonchalantly. Layla chuckled and nodded.

"Do you think we will find the Tibbertan Mountains?" Layla mumbled out of the blue. 


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I came from ink. and i don't regret it. I just hope it won't be too long ...
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if she is supposed to take over the throne of her father then why is everyone from her pack dead? who is she going to lead and who is she going to take revenge on.
goodnovel comment avatar
Clover caeruleaphile
this app always robs me with my coins. After getting enough coins to unlock another chapter, even if I already paid the recent chapter that will appear once I open the book, it will still deduct some of my coins. I like the story but this app is a bullshit

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