Chapter 63 - To end it all

Alice -

 I had reached a clearing near a stream. 


 'Savannah, come out. I know you are here. The forest is surrounded, you cannot leave.' I said in her mind as I felt her presence.


 Before I could finish, I was shoved by a red female. Savannah had appeared from the rocks near the stream. I was tossed onto my side before I quickly righted myself and faced the known attacker. Savannah bared her teeth and growled low and deep. I returned the threat and watched as Savannah trembled and backed down a little.

 I looked behind her to see Lucian along with the rest of the pack. He stayed back and waited to see what would happen.


 'You must hold a pretty big grudge against me to attack me in front of Lucian.' I said.


 'I have nothing left to lose.' Savannah replied.

 'I was happy until you showed up! This is all your fault! 


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I like that he let her fight her own battle and didn't try to force her into doing it his way in the end. a lot of times, they don't or can't see the women as strong in these books.

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