Who Are They Really

. “You were named after the greek gods?” Poseidon looked at him and laughed at the insult “I am a greek god boy the name is poseidon it's kinda nice to meet you, god of the sea and earthquakes, father to all horses.” Jake didn't believe it but it made sense with the whole ocean behind the house and the way that everyone reacted when he was about to shoot that horse. “That doesn't make sense Hera is married to Zeus not Poseidon and Ares is the son of Zeus.” They all laughed at him, the man named Ares looked at him “The humans get things wrong all the time we just go with it to make them feel better. I am the son of Hera and Poseidon get over it kid. The wolf that almost killed you was my son Aiden” The wolf walked forward and the fire came back into his eyes and he spoke “I am the god of fire and before saying it no that is not the job of the deformed hunchback. I was born with the power to control all the animals under the domain of fire, as well as control over every fire known to

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