Chapter 9

Tyra and I shifted, darting into the woods behind Liam’s house. Lila was eager to stretch her legs, the two of us nearly bursting with anxiety. I was determined to keep away from the fight. We would provide help with evacuation, but fighting wasn’t in my skill set. I just needed to see my Mom, to make sure she was alright. 

Our paws thundered against the dry earth, twigs snapping under our feet. My chest burned with exhaustion, but I kept pushing forward. Somehow, I found the strength to continue running, even when my legs cried for mercy. Branches whipped across our fur, feeling like velvet across our thick skin. 

‘Over here.’ Tyra snapped through the mind link, darting out of the woods and behind one of the buildings in town. 

The two of us shifted, the warm air lapping against our exposed skin. I had never become comfortable with constant nudity, even after spending my life in a pack. My cheeks burned, but I tried to pay no mind.  

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Rhonda West
I had already moved past this next chapter twice and it is trying to force me to buy it again. These books aren't that great. They are good time fillers but I am not continually paying for the same chapter.
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Trina Howell
as soon as ypu get in to the books the coins needed to read on get crazy high
goodnovel comment avatar
Emily Giles
Love it so far!!

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