Chapter 8.

After the run in with his brothers,  Jasper spent the rest of his day strolling around the mansion in a bid to avoid them. At some point, we bumped into each other and spent some time together. He got into an argument and got scolded at. So it's safe to say he was having the best day of his life. As his brothers departed, he knew he also had to leave, especially since  Madam Taylor didn't like the idea of me being with one of the Maxwell brothers. "Remember what I told you and please don't cry anymore.  He stood upright "See you later Diana." He said with a smile. "Let's meet after the funeral okay." 

 Strange. I didn't want to cry anymore after all I had made a promise not to, and now, I really didn't feel like breaking it. I had never met someone similar to me  in my entire life. Although we had separate lives, we were similar in so many ways and that made me happy.


I really feel like a fool by standing here and doing nothing. I raised my hand to the sky, waving a goodbye to Jasper while he smiled back at me. I continued until he had fully disappeared. I turned to leave and felt like someone was staring right at me, so I look around and spotted Madam Taylor who had been watching the scenario from the balcony. I could tell she wasn't happy to see what just happened. Her hatred for me was the reason, and there was no changing that. But honestly I don't feel worried anymore, I had the support of two people now, I've gotten the encouragement I needed to keep my head high..

"Diana, hurry up." Miss Hailey yelled as she ran around with so many sheets. I carried a set of plates and set them on the table, arranging them accordingly, in good fashion, am sure this was how mother used to set them.  "Where did you learn to do that?" I heard her say.

"Huh." I was just about to place the forks when Hailey asked that question. Diana gave a warm smile and put them down nicely. "Oh this, it was something my mother would teach me. I didn't do much so I was thinking this could be a great chance to try it." I said. If only I could speed things up. I wonder if the funeral is over now. 

"Okay, but you better hurry, they should be arriving any time now." I looked up at her in shock, she said that on purpose that's for sure. There were mutterings coming from behind the door, it was loud enough for my device to catch it. Almost everyone had stopped their chores half way, Miss Hailey broke out in cold sweat and that made me worry. I wonder who it was that made Miss Hailey this afraid, whatever it is, I don't like it. "Diana. Behind me." Miss Hailey said.

 No need to tell me twice. 

I didn't hesitate and ran towards her, Miss Hailey shoved me behind and waited patiently for the people about to enter. 

Suddenly the place became quiet and the door to the dinning hall opened. Two identical twins stood outside the room, they had three wolves following them around. 

With their eyes and nose, they scanned the entire room and everyone inside, until a finger pointed at me. "So. You are Diana." One of them said.

Hailey stepped forward. "Master Derrick, Master Charles. Good that you're back in one piece. Welcome home." I could tell she was trying to change the topic. Not that it worked, it only made everything worse. Derrick seemed to be pissed, seeing that Hailey covered for me, rather than let him finish. 

"Shut up I'm talking to the girl." He yelled. The dining became silent and the maids stopped working. "Come." He said. Am not going anywhere. When I resisted the wolves came forward to execute "plan B". They growled angrily at me for refusing. 

See, this is why we keep dogs inside and not wolves, you can never argue with them. Derrick walked behind Hailey and forcefully grabbed me.  I fought back but when he made an attempt to break my bones I gave up. 

"Now Diana, we have a couple of questions we need you to answer for us regarding your family and your true intentions. We need to know why you're here so come with us." The other said. I didn't have a choice. When I looked behind I saw the face of the angry wolves and knew it was best to leave with them.

"The child is naive and sensitive, please don't hurt her Master." Hailey pleaded, but they paid her no mind. They left the kitchen with Hailey watching with fear. 

Once we got to the study, Master Derrick threw me to the floor, that I banged my head. I wanted to cry so badly but each time I thought of crying, I could see Jasper's face wiping my tears and asking me not to cry, gosh, was a promise that effective. I could remember my promise and fought back my tears. "Speak will you!" Derrick yelled. He tried to reach me once again but a hand stopped him. The other one, Charles held his shoulder and asked him to stop. He took control of the situation and dragged her up on her feet, throwing me towards the door. I closed my eyes, hoping to fall but was surprised when I felt someone hold her tightly.

"What are you doing big brother. I thought I told you not to go after her." When I heard this, I had only one thought. Jasper.

"You don't have the right to speak, this is my house and we kept her in our house as a maid so stay away." Derrick says.

"Listen big brother. This house was also divided for the seven of us. I have equal rights to this house so she is also my responsibility, and I say stay away from her. Don't hurt her again, can't you see how scared she is."

Derrick was furious. "Hey, stay out of  this okay."

"No. I won't. I'm leaving with her." He took my hand and led me out of the room. "Lets go Diana." He was suddenly pulled back. He was lifted from the ground and in the air. Derrick was holding him high like he was nothing but a paper.

"Don't tempt us little brother." Charles said, he was well composed unlike the other but I have a feeling he's equally dangerous.

"Okay, okay calm down guys." A voice said from behind Jasper. The other brothers joined in, walking into the study. "Jasper is Diana's friend, and Diana is his friend, it's very possible that he got angry because you're bullying his friend."

"And who asked you to speak Allen." Derrick asked.

"I'm part of this family too so..."

"Shut up, I never wanted you to be part of this family."

"Well it can't be helped now can it... It's not my fault our father wasn't satisfied with the two if you." That was a wrong thing to say, and Allen paid for it with a powerful punch. from Charles. The more the brothers tried to separate themselves the more they got intertwined.

"Lets go Diana." Jasper whispered as he grabbed my hand, fled the scene.


Both of us gave a sigh of relief after losing them. Soon we burst into laughter, I couldn't hold it any longer, I've been holding it all the way but now it came loose. "I think we lost them." Jasper said. "And I don't think they've noticed we've left yet. Hey Diana." He turned to me, shocked to find my eyes watery. I couldn't even look him straight in the eyes anymore. I was so scared. "Hey ! Why are you crying? I thought I told you not to cry anymore, you promised me." He told me. I could sense anger in his voice while he said so. I thought I could hold back my tears just this once. But I failed in it already.

"I'm sorry. I'm so weak. I couldn't even keep a promise as simple as that."

"Don't say that. Alright. Make me a new promise, that you won't cry from today, this should be the last time you cry. I really don't like it when you cry or blame yourself, or call yourself names so enough of this okay." Staring at him, I was once again fascinated by his simplicity and kindness that it warmed my heart. I quickly nodded and dried my tears.

"I won't cry anymore. I promise." I said. He held his chest and breathed a sigh of relief. 

"I honestly thought you won't agree." He said. Although he looked relieved, there was something bothering him, something he had to get off his chest. "Hey Diana. I'm leaving the country and I'll be gone for a while. I have no idea how long, my mother says it's for the best so I have to go. Since she's my only family I can't leave her. I'm afraid today's the last day we'll meet, so I guess this is a goodbye." What. 

"A goodbye?" I repeated. 

He nodded. "Yes. These two days I've spent with you was something I would never forget. Its been the best holiday ever. I never thought I'd be happy here, I never wanted to be here in the first place. But I don't regret coming here thanks to you. So I guess what I want to say is thank you. For making me smile again." He said. 

"No. Thank you. For everything. Am so happy I met you. I might be little but one day I'll repay your kindness okay. By then I'll be grown up, just you wait." I promised.

"Hey don't think I'll ever forget about your promise to me not to cry. No matter what, I'll always remember it. And even if you think of breaking your promise, just close your eyes, am sure you'll remember this face and stop crying in seconds okay." He said.


"Great." He stopped for a while, like he was thinking about something. "Hey, may I hug you." A hug! I nodded and he smiled. "Thanks." He said.  Quickly he embraces me in his arms and hugged me tightly, it wasn't like the time in the study. This time it felt nice, it felt like he didn't want to leave. His escorts found us in no time and walked up to him.

"Master, your mother is waiting in the car." He withdrew and waved goodbye at her, the both of us parting separately.

"Diana." I heard someone call, I stopped and turned around. I didn't see much, all J remembered was Jasper saying thank you and running away with his phone in his hand. Did he just steal a picture without my permission. Still I feel hopeful that one day. The both of us will be reunited.

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