Chapter 13

After Apollo's vanishing act, I wasted little time stepping onto the train. The sliding doors opened with a quiet hiss, revealing a guy just a few years older than myself. The guy was nothing like Apollo, with his flamboyant suit and shimmering hair. This boy looked quite normal, and was sporting what looked to be a waiter's uniform. His lips turned up with a polite smile, and I visibly jumped as the doors behind me closed.   

"Welcome, Rachel. I am sure you have questions, but unfortunately, I am not the one to ask. This entire compartment belongs to you and four other female contestants. Food and drink are provided, as are sleeping quarters for your time here. We will arrive at the Iridescent Pack in four days. This train also houses the other contestants, male's included, though you will not have access to them. Do enjoy your stay."  

Without another word, the guy gestured to his right. The scent of food wafted in the air, much different than wha

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saoriplays TV
I like the story but it is too pricy to unlock the next chapters tho
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xcuse me French
This story sort of remind me of "HUNGER GAMES"
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