Chapter 16

Yesterday we had let Helena choose one of the decanters, and today Camille wanted a turn. I had warned them both about the decanters marked with a small star, and was pleased that they took my word seriously.  

I had scanned the bottom of each bottle, noting how they either had a small star, or a large eight-pointed star carved onto the bottom. Only one bottle had the carving of a crescent moon, and I was growing more and more curious of its effects. The nameless waiter hadn't said anything about the bottle with the crescent moon, and I could no longer stifle my curiosity. Once we arrived at the Iridescence Pack, I would no longer have the opportunity to try it. The decanter with the crescent moon held a liquid the shade of night, though the color was anything but flat. Inky black mixed with deep shades of indigo, plum, and silver. Tomorrow would be my turn to choose, and I wanted to try the decanter with the crescent moon. 

Camille chose a pleasant beig

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Kimi Hernandez
Reminds me of hunger games. But VERY SLOW START. Only needed one chapter to explain how much she hated her town. Not 5.
goodnovel comment avatar
Hunger games anyone
goodnovel comment avatar
I wondered the same thing

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