Chapter 24

Night's words had the entire room speaking, murmuring heatedly about what that might mean. Even Helena, Camille and I were stunned by his words. I knew that anything could happen in the game, but I at least expected some basic rules that kept the contestants from offing each other. It seemed everyone else was thinking the same thing. If there were no rules, there was nothing stopping us from eliminating each other. I couldn't imagine it, that someone might take matters into their own hands and remove some of the contestants from the game. 

One of the men leaning against the wall raised his hand, and the room fell into silence as Night nodded his way. The man leaning against the wall was only a few years older than Camille and I, thin but held faint traces of muscle. His shaggy hair was a washed-out shade of brown and hung down to his shoulders in limp strands. What set me on edge the most, was the downright excite

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Cassondra Forste
I wonder if Helena’s message refers to some sort of kaleidoscope. Not sure about the adventure part, but the rest fits.
goodnovel comment avatar
Kinda wishing that the GM will be her mate😅🙈
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Bella Jersey
Will Rachel be willing to pay the price of the box and would she leave right away. I would be nervous at that market what is the cost of the item? God knows what a can of can of soda would cost?

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