10. The Mistake.

Narius has been gone for a few hours now. Sera slumbers peacefully on the couch as an uncomfortable and awkward Axar sits beside her, standing guard. He almost seems nervous to turn his back on me. Several times I snap up from my seat, just to watch him jump and try to predict my actions. He eventually grows tired of my toying with him and remains stoic, hovered beside his only ally. Finally, he severes the silence between us.

"Here we are. What do you want from us?" I grin as he fights the tremble in his voice to sound more in control. His hand squeezes Sera's as she remains sleeping for reassurance.

"How old are you, Axar?" I prop my feet on the table and recline lazily. Sitting forward with my elbows and my knees watching him was making him much too nervous, so I hope the change in my body language will help him to relax.

"I-I'm fourteen." I raise my brows. By his height and bravery I had figured him to be at leas

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