Hendrik’s body hands strangled me.

“Now die bitch,”

His grip got tighter and tighter, as I tried pulling his huge hand off my neck. “St…”

My eyes rapidly opened as the sound of railing sirens filled my ears.

 I gently moved the blanket off my body, while I stepped on the floor. I slowly forced myself up. Crazy enough my body didn’t feel that aching anymore.

I took baby steps heading to the door. I pulled the door open and walked inside the dark sitting room. The memories of Jin running around the sitting room while pulling my long skirt flashed in my mind.

 I quickly shook that memory off my head as I walked to the balcony.

Cold wind blew my hair as I stared at the k-building which was a few meters from the L-building I was in.

My eyes rushed at every corner of the flat window visible to my eyes, but there was no sign of her.


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