Back at work, finally out of my funk. I feel more positive. Still confused, but positive.

I'm sat there at my desk typing out a letter for my boss, Mr Fray.

Mind numbingly boring but it keeps my brain busy.

Just as I press print, the office phone rings. I clear my throat and take my professional mode.

"Good morning, Mr Fray's office. How can I help you?" I speak politely.

"Lizzie? It's Holden!"

I grin, hearing his bright voice.

"Hiya!! What's up?" I ask.

"I err... was err... calling to err..." He hesitates, stumbling over his words.

It's cute!


I smile.

"Just say it, Holden." I murmur gently, trying to encourage him.

I hear him down the line taking a deep breath. "I wanted to ask you on a date." He rushes out.

I blush at the request.

"Ask me properly and you might get an answer." I tease.

Holden chuckles slightly. "Sorry, I'm just a little nervous."

"I was wondering if you'

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