I was awoken by my phone ringing with a high pitched shrill.

I rolled over and grabbed it drowsily.

"Mmm?" I answer.

"Lizzie Knight?" A powerful voice questioned down the line.

"Yeah? Who's this?" I ask, trying to sit up.

I hear a chuckle. "Frank Paulson, you left a message about your... predicament?"

My eyes widen, and I leap off the bed, bounding around.

"Hello! Oh, thank you! Thank you for calling back so quickly!" I rush out, begging for answers.

"Right, Lizzie. I would prefer to discuss this matter in person? Are you free at some point today? From my records, you are located in Nottinghamshire?"

God, he's formal!

"Yes, yes I am. I live just outside of Newark."

Our conversation ends after we decide on a cafe in town at 4pm.

I am on edge all day!

I have a half day at work today as Mr Fray leaves for a business trip to Vancouver at 11.30am.

Just another bonus.

I rush off to the bathroom, show

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