The pulsations of the drumbeat became fused with the thumps of my overexcited heart resounding in my ears as my wide open eyes stayed glued on the swaying, jiggling gyrations of Liz's beautiful juicy ass rocking side to side, then back and forth, then up and down right in front of me. The bouncy plumpness of Lizzie's protruding buttcheeks was always hypnotic for me as a rule, but my enthrallment to her divine ass reached a new peak as I stared mind-blown at that bootylicious rump wiggling and wobbling relentlessly in my face, its magnificent fullness barely contained within the straining confines of her ass-hugging skirt.

Shaking and twerking, teasingly slapping her hands on her meaty buns as she rocked and twisted in place while flashing me lustful glances over her shoulder all the time, Liz literally worked her beautiful ass off to the sound of the perfect song for it. By the time the second verse hit, my cock was so massively hard that I genuinely thought it would poke a hole throu
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