Chapter 5 Bonding

Once we part from my parents we head to the woods, me instantly relaxing a bit more. Thought that probably only lasted for five minutes.

“Can I ask you something?” Felix squeezes my hand, letting shivers once again roam up my arm.  I nod, glancing at him through my curls. His eyebrows are knitted together and he looks a bit worried. Why is everyone worried this morning?

“What happened when you were kidnapped? Did he hurt you?”

Okay – so that question was unexpected. Flashes of me and Chase’s intimate moments flash through my mind and added to my wolf growling in my head I can feel my cheeks turning red.

“I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable to talk about. I’ve just been worried about it and that that asshole came to get you back – it makes me so angry” his grip tightens in my hand and a wave of warmth fills my body. I stop walking and turn my head to look at him.

Felix’s teeth are gritted together and he looks about ready to kill something. With my hand still in his, I move in front of him. His eyes are closed and he is looking down but that doesn’t stop me. Lightly, I place my free hand’s fingers on his cheek, feeling the smooth texture of his skin. He had shaven this morning and it looks nice. He looks nice.

Better than nice. Perfect.

“Felix” it comes out in a whisper. His jaw has unclenched but his eyes are still closed.

“It doesn’t matter what had happened, I’m here with you now”

My mate’s eyes slowly opens and immediately, our eyes connect. For a moment his eyes are still dark but then his wolf allows us – as humans – to see each other. His irises are perfect. Before, I had only ever seen them as brown. Sometimes chocolate. But no – they were so much more. It was like someone had taken the forest in autumn and everything that came with it and had placed it into Felix’s eyes. And it was amazing.

“You’re really awesome squirrel” Felix whispered after a moment, a smile playing on his lips.

“You’re not so bad yourself”

I’m suddenly embraced in a hug and I take in his scent. Even though his breath smells like bubble gum, the rest of him is coffee. Delicious warm coffee. It’s soft and kind, and not at all scary. The opposite of what I had always thought of him.

It’s weird how a sudden mating could make our attitudes and everything of each other change so quickly. Instead of just wanting to whack him over the head I wanted to hug him.

“Come on” the words escape his mouth and I can feel the tingle of his breath on my forehead. I nod, letting go of him but his one arm still stays around my shoulders. We walk deeper into the woods, me resting my head later on his shoulder.

Felix finally stops after a while and pushes me down onto the floor with him.

“I swear if my wolf doesn’t stop howling in my head I’m going to explode” he chuckles.

I let out a laugh, glad I’m not the only one with a pesky wolf.

“Mine hasn’t stopped since I’ve turned” I smiled, trying to make him feel better.

“How has that cute head of yours not exploded?” he chuckled, “Mine only started when you told me I was your mate” he smiled.

I nodded, resting my head once again on his shoulder.

“By the way – what were you doing there?”

“I had a dream and my wolf was going nuts”

“I can command it to quiet down if you want?” Felix offered, giving my hand a squeeze once again. At that my wolf let out a low whimper, not liking the fact that its mate was angry at it.

“There’s no need, I need to learn to get control of it”

“You know what’s the best way learn how to control your wolf?” he grinned, looking at me.


“By turning and letting it take control”

“That makes no sense” I laughed, nudging him lightly.

“You didn’t let me finish, let your wolf take control completely and then try and reign it in”

“Isn’t that dangerous? What if I can’t control it” I said, looking down at my legs. A hand comes into my vision and Felix places his on my thigh, “I’ll be there with you remember?”

I nodded, “Make sure my wolf doesn’t go all power hungry and abducts my body?”

Felix chuckles and nudges me with his elbow, “So you in”

I nodded, taking a deep breath and closing my eyes. I can feel my bones starting to crack, my body tingling painfully. Next to me, I could sense Felix shifting as well and about halfway with my own I realise that I had ONCE again flipping forgot to undress.

This boy was going to make me lose so much clothing… with the thought my wolf let out a howl, clearly understanding the uncalled for subtext of those words. Yip, I had a kinky weirdo wolf…

I heard the fabric rip once again and then I swear my wolf snickered. Rolling my eyes, I let out an eternal sigh before letting it take control of me. It felt weird letting someone else control your body. It was like I was taking a backseat in something. Hoping that my wolf wasn’t going to do anything stupid, I took a deep breath.

As soon as I had fully shifted my wolf sped away. It whizzed through the trees, letting out barks and howls. Behind me, Felix came running – his own wolf barking and howling.

You still doing okay?

Yeah, it’s having fun

My wolf suddenly stopped and then turned to Felix’s. My tail was shaking like crazy and it went into a playful attack mode. Felix did the same and like the first time, they ran towards each other. Felix reached me first and let us topple to the ground, nuzzling my neck. My wolf let out a happy bark, nuzzling Felix back.

Rumbles came from my wolf, it clearly overly happy. And then, then it flipping went and started to lick him.

O goodness… what the hell?

Was that you or your wolf?

His tone was amused, clearly knowing the answer already. As a response, my wolf licked his once more. I swear I was going to strangle my wolf. Somehow, I didn’t know how but my wolf was going to be punished. It let out a low whimper, acknowledging my anger.

That’s more like it…

My wolf moved away from Felix, its tail flopping to the ground. Felix whimpered in response, moving towards my own wolf.

You still in control of yours?

Felix’s wolf barked, the answer clear. Our wolves were currently in control and they were enjoying their time together. With restrictions.

Okay, mine had restrictions. Felix’s wolf went and licked mine the minute he came close enough.

Eternally rolling my eyes I let my wolf experience the overjoying feeling of being with its mate. They started nuzzling each other once again, our eyes closing in content.

Ready to get control?

Yeah, how do I do that?

Start slowly. Like try and open your eyes

It took me a minute but then the darkness disappeared. My wolf let out a whimper, not happy for being done being in control. Yet, it didn’t try and get the control back and simply allowed me to take the front seat once again.

Squirrel, you alright?

Yeah fine, am back

Felix’s wolf nodded and then there was suggested that we shift back.

Don’t have clothes

Felix’s wolf nodded and then disappeared into the forest. My wolf howled in my head and I sensed that it was thanking me. Yeah, yeah – don’t lick people you idiot.

My mate returned a moment later in human form carrying his shirt.

“You can wear this and once we get home, you can go get properly clothed” he smiled, rubbing my wolf’s head. After that he turned around, letting me shift back and put on his shirt. It came mid-thigh and smelt like him.

I placed my hand on his shoulder and he turned back around, his eyes immediately dilating.

“Whoa” he breathed. I could feel my cheeks redden and gave through a nervous smile.

“Stop that or I’m licking you again” I said, biting my lip.

Felix laughed, grabbing my hand. We started to walk back to the neighbourhood, Felix making comments the whole way.

“You want to lick me, admit it”

“Nah – I’m not a liar”

“I swear, your wolf hadn’t taken control of you and you just used that as an excuse”

“In your dreams” I laughed, leaving the woods with him in tow.

I wish we had stayed in the woods.

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