Chapter Four: Flashback ( changed )


  From that day onwards Anna became a moody  student which also affected her performance in school, She was an A+ Student became a D student.

She also stopped socializing with her friends as she was dying inside, she cried almost every night and hardly sleeps which lead to her having huge dark circles beneath her eyes.

   Her parents especially her mother was very worried when they noticed her unusual behavior, They tried to ask her what was wrong countless times but they only got the   ' I'm fine '  though it was pretty obvious that she wasn't.

   It got to a point when her father almost lost control of himself as he tried hitting her for the first time as he was tired of all this, He was frustrated when he realized that his first child had become a cry baby.

   He regretted his actions later Anna ran out of the house and went missing for three days.

   They Searched Everywhere for her and Even reported it to the Station but it was all in vain as there weren't any traces of her.

  Three days after she went missing, they got a call from Anna's class teacher Miss Cynthia, informing them that Anna was at her place, They were Shocked when they heard this, they also wondered why Anna would Runaway to Cynthia's home.

  Soon they arrived at Cynthia's home.

 " Good Afternoon Miss Cynthia " Anna's Parents greeted.

" Good Afternoon, please come in " She replied as she ushered them in.

" Well, you informed us that Anna was at your place right? " Carthy Spoke up.

" I did, She's Currently Sleeping in the guest room " Cynthia replied.

" oh! can we see her? " 

" of course but you have to be extra careful not to disturb her sleep as it was difficult for her to fall asleep and she only closed her eyes at dawn. "

  " Okay, We'll be Careful "

When they got to the Guest room which was located upstairs.

  They opened the door Slightly and the sleeping beauty in baby pink pajamas was revealed, she was sleeping peacefully.

  Mrs. Carthy was Stunned as it has been long since she saw her lovely daughter sleeping so peacefully.

    After Staring at Anna for Minutes they finally went downstairs to the living room where they sat down on the Couch.

  " I have something to discuss with you, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. " Cynthia Spoke up.

   " Go on " Mr. Jones Urged.

" It's actually about your daughter Anna " 

" Oh! "

" When I found her at my doorstep, she was Frightened and was muttering Softly  ' Please don't kill me !!! ', I was shocked when I heard her words so that's why I want to ask, Is your daughter life threatened in any way? " 

" No " 

" Her life isn't threatened in any way but I did try hitting her the day she went missing. " Mr. Jones Confessed.

 " What! why would you even try to do that? are you guys even parents? , you dearest daughter is suffering from a trauma that you don't even know of and instead of helping her out, you do this. " Cynthia Snapped.

" We understand you Miss Cynthia but you've got to understand the fact that we are also victims here, We have also been noticing her unusual behavior too. " Carthy Jones said.

" Have you took her to Any therapist yet?" 

" No, we Haven't thought of that "

" What! Anyways, if you guys aren't going to take a step then I will as I can't bear to see Anna Like this as I see her as my daughter. " 

" Thanks for your Care Cynthia. "

" You don't have to thank me as this is my duty as Anna's best teacher. " 


The Very Next day They were able to secure an appointment with a very famous Female Therapist. Avery Cole.

" Good morning Miss Cole "

" Morning, Sir and Ma, you can Call me Avery as there's no need for formality. " 

" Okay "

" Good morning to you too Anna, How are you doing today? " 

" Am fine " Replied Anna.

" That's good to hear. " 

After the greetings and Pleasantries, They went to the main point, and after listening to the Problem at hand, Avery Nodded.

  " Can you please Leave me and Anna Alone for now? " Avery Requested.

" Sure " 

After they left.

" You don't need to be Scared of me Anna, am not a ghost alright? " Avery told Anna whilst Trying to lighten up the Atmosphere.

  " Okay Ma " 

" There's no need to be formal, just call me Avery, Anna "

" But... " 

" No buts, just do it, you just have to see me as your friend that's all. "

" Okay Avery " 

" Good, that's the spirit, I love that! "

" Tell me, Anna, What do you fear most? "

" Death " Anna replied almost immediately after Avery finished her question.

" Why death Anna? "  

" Well, that's because I don't want to leave my parents and loved ones alone in this world. " 

" Oh! that's so nice and Caring of you "

" Are you Angry with your Parents, Anna? " Avery went straight to the point.

" No, I am not, it's not their fault as I am the one giving them problems. "

" And why is that, Anna? " 

" Because I... " Anna trailed off as she started Sobbing.

" oh! Am so sorry Anna, I didn't mean to hit a sad Spot, Please don't cry love " Avery Consoled.

After Anna Calmed down.

" let's leave that for now alright? "

" Okay," Anna Nodded.

" Can you tell me about yourself, Anna? "

" Hmm... "

" I am Anna Jones, A Student of imperial Star School, I love singing and dancing, my hobby is Studying and learning new things, I also adore listening to Music, My Favorite Artist is  Billie Eilish. " Anna Replied already Smiling.

" That's good to hear, I heard that you happen to be the best student in your school. " 

" Yes "

" How does it feel? "

" Well, It's a Happy Feeling for me as I get to Enjoy and Experience new things daily and most importantly I get to help my, mates, whenever they find difficulty in Their studies. "

" Wow, that's so nice of you Anna " Avery exclaimed impressed.

" Thanks, Avery "

" What's your future Ambition, Anna? " 

" I haven't thought about that yet as I love almost all professions. " Anna Honestly replied.

" That's good, You know am Loving you more Anna " 

" Oh! am happy to hear that. " Anna replied blushed.

" I wish we could continue our chit chat but We can't as it's getting late, I really can't believe that we've been conversing for three hours! " 

" Three hours? , that's Long, This is the first time I've spoken Freely with someone thrice my Age. " Anna Answered truthfully.

" Am not that old you know, I am just Twenty - Two, alright " Avery Said.

"Moreover, I see you as my little sister. " 

" Do you have a little Sis, Avery? "

" I don't as I am the last born of my parents. " 

" oh! "

" let's head out now, Anna, it's getting late "

" Sure "


" How was it, Miss Avery? " Carthy Jones asked Anxiously.

" It was great, I love Anna, she's so sweet and loving. " 

" that's good to hear, did she say what's troubling her? "

" Not so fast, We'll take it slowly " Avery replied.

" Okay, thanks for your help "

" My Pleasure "

" We'll take our leave now Miss Cole "

" Alright, but before you go, Can I get a hug from you, Anna, Pretty please? " Avery asked Cutely.

' So cute ' Anna thought as she nodded.

After the Hugging, Anna and her parents left Avery's office building.

For the next few days, Anna Resided at Her Class Teacher, Cynthia's home as she refused to go back home.

Anna and Avery started getting closer as the Days went by and Anna Started Trusting her and confiding in her.

During their therapy Section one day, Avery told Little Anna about how her Ex-Boyfriend deceived her about being single when in fact he was a married man with three young kids.

  Avery Narrated in detail how heartbroken she was to little Anna and the latter who was very intelligent and smart could feel her sincerity and pain.

  Anna then decided in her mind that it was time she revealed her biggest secret to her newfound friend.

  After the day's therapy session Anna went home and Prepared for the Next day. 

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